90 Day Fiance

You seriously think it’s nothing to not wear your ring to go meet your ex husband. Who you are giddy about, constantly mention you planned to go back to, was staying with you alone in an apartment when you went back gone to visit and didn’t tell your current husband and has flown all the way to Africa to quarantine for 2 weeks just to stay in your hovel in Ethiopia?

You truly believe she can’t buy a decent bra in Africa? She and the ex should have both known this entire thing in inappropriate.

Not what I’m saying. Just making the point that there’s little real about “reality TV” and that this is a cooked up scenario to bring “drama” to the Ari and Bini story and as such was awkwardly done. The ex is utterly unconvincing and the fact that she had to sit there in front of Bini and rehash their relationship was ridiculous. “We never really broke up, I just never came home and then I came here and fucked this stranger and got knocked up and here we are…” was cringeworthy.

They didn’t really need the cooked up scenario, that was just adding more to the mix.

As far as the bra thing goes, hasn’t her mom visited her? She could have had her mom bring them.

Or there’s this thing called Amazon and with a little effort, you can get shit sent to Ethiopia.

Missed most of this weeks episode, most of these people just piss me off and there aren’t any particularly good-looking women to keep my interest. The Equadorian and the Russki are OK but nothing special. Wife did tell me that Russian girl enlisted a friend to help her catch Mormon boy flirting who was really pretty but I just missed that segment and didn’t see her.

Did Coltee end up banging the porn star? I missed that episode.

Nope, she tried to get cozy and he turned her down, then called the chick with the evil eyebrows to tell her he couldn’t, because he just wants her.

Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!

Old lady Jenny must have some bomb ass pussy because Sumit is trying everything to keep her from leaving the country.


I think he wants her gone, mom’s life is just a convenient excuse.

Personally, i feel he’s left Jenny no choice but to threaten to murder his mom unless he marries her. That way Summit (AKA Michael Johnson) knows his mom will be dead either way. Might as well be married to your woman.

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Just read that Paola is single!!

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No way!!! Wow! She always did it for me.

Did she finally notice russ is a total flamer?

Just a matter of time. She used Russ for all she could to launch her career here. He was never a part of her long term plan here.