90 Day Fiance

That was a pretty bold out of nowhere move on the take over the architect firm comment. If real and I was the dad I would either think the guy is clueless or that was his thought/goal all along or maybe both.


Dad is just as dumb imo.

His daughter is in this situation, like it or not, and hes enabling her. They need to decide asap if they want the kid to have the biological dad in the picture or not. If not, see ya. If so, maybe help him come up with a reasonable gameplan/road map. He doesnt seem standoffish.

Which couple y it s this?

I totally get what you’re saying, but they have a surprising amount of views on YT.

Yea the dad seems unnecessarily arrogant in an odd way.

These parents along with Ari’s family seem to fit the stereotype of the arrogant, a bit ignorant, but not self aware Americans.

I’d imagine that the majority of those views are due to the curiosity of 90 day viewers

It really does sound like trash. Funny that jibri wants to be Serbian and his Serbian band mate wants to be black.

I’m just glad my boy Space Ca$h was there to break up that nasty guillotine!

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Apparently everyone wants to be a Black Serb.

Space Cash ?

No, Space Ca$h! Literally an alien from another dimension. Well, actually a white guy from Iowa…

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Dacho speaks street

Black Serb, black chick has an amazing body!


I was commenting to my wife last week, how amazing would it be if no one in the group has EVER seen his face. To me that’s be crazy.

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Bibi wins by rnc! ( against a guy who looked - unprepared?)

The guy did look significantly bigger than him. Taller and heavier. Not a muscular though.

So after a little research, guy is 0-8. Wtf.

Here’s Biniyam’s record:

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I did the same research last night, lol.
Although, Bini did exactly what anyone good should do against a tomato can, got him out of there in under 0:30, so I really can’t hate.
I can hate ratface making it all about her, for the 1000th time, though.

Emily makes me have an irrational level of hate in my heart for a stupid reality show. Now she’s probably pregnant again?!?! How is she not on BC? That dude is lucky the long arm of uncle Sam won’t be able to garnish his architecture wages in Cameroon. America is great, but not worth a life with that slam pig.

Also, is Jibri’s girl getting uglier every episode, or is it just me?


“Damn Brandi”

Not really my style, but she can get the sting.

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I guess Emily allowed the Cameroon guy whose name escapes me share her bed that night, or she told him to sleep any where but there once he was finished

Jibri’s chick isn’t at all pretty imo, and how does she get away with the Rachel Dolezal make up and hair?


I get the dolezal vibe from jibris mom.

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I can’t tell what kind of look that bitch is going for.

As someone who knows a lot of Serbians, I don’t know a single one that looks like her.