90 Day Fiance

I haven’t seen much of all the 90 Day stuff the last year or so.

Caught a commercial for the new one, did that cow from Utah finally split from that retard Asuelo? Looks like she was on a date with an older dude.

Am I the only one that starts to mix up and blend the characters from different shows ?

For example I start to blend in the “I Love A Mamma’s Boy” couples with the 90 day couples and characters.

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There is Yara. She’s very hot, IMO.


Jenny is still not just dirty, but she’s even dirty for India!
Jenny: “Well I can’t get (sweep) the corners.”

Yeah, I think he has a legit MILF fetish. I also think he’s into being submissive. There was something in one of the episodes that led me to believe that. Could be another reason why he’s under his mothers thumb so much. I do believe he genuinely loves her though. We

He has a mommy fetish. Jenny is the nice mommy he never had.

How much of that is culture ? Meaning the parent part, not disappointing the parents is pretty legit.

If you guys are USA people please factor in you grew up in and live in a society that no longer has any shame or respect for elders or others in general.

Not saying you are going to be tipping kids at drag shows but you are one generation from it.

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I definitely think a big part of that is cultural. But I also wonder if he’s being a realest? In 5-10 years, there’s a pretty good chance Jenny is out of the pic one way or the other. Maybe that’s why he’s so intent on trying not to burn bridges with his family

Good point

Anybody watching the “Happily Ever After?” train wrecks?

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Of course. And the Single Life. Although it’s getting so fake and scripted that it’s getting hard to watch.

Libby takes her friends into an empty room with nothing but a tiny organ in the corner. “Libby, does this mean your going to start doing music???”


The paradigm shift in the relationships is crazy bullshit. When last seen, Andrei was the biggest asshole on earth as far as her sisters go. Now they’re siding with him that their brother Charlie is a drunk lout who has ruined the family, against their heretofore unseen mother who appears to be his enabler. At least I don’t recall seeing her, but I haven’t seen all their shows.

Kimberly (Usman) looks like the human embodiment of Moe Sizzler from The Simpson.

Angie still looks gross even with all of the new surgeries.

Yara looks good!

The whole Andrei/Libby situation just seems so forced and scripted. It’s like they are trying hard just to be outrageous to land some kind of spin-off show like The Family Chantel or Darcy & Stacy.

Speaking of The Family Chantel. Looks like they are going through a nasty divorce.

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Thanks for mentioning the Family Chantel, it is a subject I wanted to ask about but was afraid to ask.

I don’t believe anything they say. So scripted and obvious. Very similar to the family Libby.

I wish to return to innocent times, like when Andre told Libby to “stop terrorizing me with your pregnancy!”

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So do you think Pedro and Chantel are not getting divorced ?

My wife was watching this and I about dies laughing at that too.

So fucking stupid.

I don’t keep up with them, but it wouldn’t shock me if they went through with a divorce just to continue their awful show.

Haven’t ever watched “The Single Life” before but picked it up this season because Veronica is on there. She’s the main reason I got interested in Pillow Talk. Old Tim sure is jealous of her. Tickled me too hear her describe him as being like a sister, but with a penis, then have his former 90 Day pursuit verify that it’s what he was like with her.

Tim & Veronica are gold! They make that show. Robert and his girl are pretty good as well.

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