90’s NHB/MMA (full events) rare broadcasts

Vale Tudo Japan Open 1994

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06-10-1994 US Fights America Communication 5 USA vs Japan 

01-01-1995 Cage Fight Tournament from Antwerpen Belgium

01-28-1996 Pancrase Tour 1996 Truth in Yokohama 

02-18-1996 RINGS Holland free fight Gala the king of martial arts

03-30-1996 IPKL Night of the Diamond

04-21-1996 Cage Fight Tournament 2 from Ennen Holland

08-16-1996 Pancrase The Kings of Pancrase 

Vale Tudo Japan 1997

11-07-1997 Cage Fight Tournament from St. Petersburg Russia

Vale Tudo Japan 1998 part 1

Vale Tudo Japan 1998 part 2

Awesome stuff..I remember old FSN issues covered many of these early Mma events..I never got around to seeing them until much later

I loved early Mma as so many Mma events were popping up with grueling 8 man tournaments that took place on one night


Amazing. Subbed.