900 Million?

Seriously, come on. Where are you going to get that?

...and don't lie and say you have been saving for a rainy day!


didn't you know Australia is the Lucky country, ask little Johnny Howard. If someone like him can become prime minister it must be lucky.

NOt that NZ can talk look who we bloody have ;(

Hey! Lay off o'l Helen. Shes one sexy woman..........

So you guys just happen to have 900 mill in foreign aid hanging around?

dfoki you are a really sick man!!!

It's 1 Billion now isn't it?


Well, its 1 billion oz dollars.... so that equates to like 790 mil US or something.

Basically half of it is grants, like a gimme, and the other half is a 40 year no interest loan, with no repayments for 10 years or something.

This does not include the cost of all the military aid that is going down right now either, as well as like 110 million that the public has donated.

Im a staunch labour supporter, but I
now have a deep respect for Howard, as much as it pains me to say it.

And seriously, who cares where it comes from? If indo wasn't there we would of copped the brunt, and would be like wtf where is all the aid.

Who cares where it comes from... don't any of you think it's a good idea?

When it's added to aid that Australia has already promised to Indonesia, it's 1.8 billion Aussie dollars.

Well, they are close to you guys so what is good for them is good for you too right?

I think it's important that Australia try and help out wherever we can. There are people over there (Indo, Thailand, rah rah rah) that need things for survival whereas we have people in adidas trackpants going to Centrelink to pick up cheques for money that they've done nothing for.

I personly think its great what Australia is doing. Read the other day this is ALL totally new funds for aid from Australia where as some countries are shifting their aid funds from one community to re direct it to Asia plus adding a bit more also of course.

plus, australia's foreign policy re: our region has been totally shit and disrespectful. its good to see our government trying to make amends

Problem is, the money going to Indonesia is from the Federal government, and the hospitals are the responsibility of the State governments.