9000 have died in Texas since vax rollout

Only 43 of the dead were vaccinated. All the rest (99.5%) were NOT vaccinated

The vaccines weren’t available to everyone since February were they?

Don’t they consider you fully vaccinated 2 weeks after your second shot? So those people that died within a few days of their vaccine don’t count… right?

Dumb headline …it might be correct, but it’s bullshit and everyone should realize that.


Any data on the ages for the deaths? I’d bet the vast majority are over 60.

Covid is dangerous for the elderly for sure. They should get vaccinated. It’s much less dangerous for people under 50 (non-obese).

What age group, and how many with bullet holes, stabbed etc.

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Only the non-vaccinated get that treatment… they changed how they are testing/reporting vaccinated covid hospitalizations (and probably deaths) because the numbers looked bad!

no but if you look at the graph posted you can guess when vaccines became available lol

Good thing we had emergency vaccines in 1918 or we would have never gotten rid of the Spanish Flu…


The Data used for that statistic is intentionally skewed by the CDC.

They use different testing criteria for vaxxed/unvaxxed to gather the data since april/may.

Be aware of your Corporate Pharma Run Media Sales Pitch.