90's MMA Fighters: Where are they now? Thread

I know this thread has been done before but where are the regional guys that fought for KOTC, guys like David Dodd, Tim Catalfo, Tony Galindo, Steve Jennum, Orlando Weit, add your own.

How are they doing now and what career paths did they follow after fighting? I bet this would make a great series for an MMA reporter to start doing shoot interviews with 90’s MMA guys. Thoughts?


Kent Hensley left Buckhead to become a stunt cock in Amsterdam. Better pay.

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Hannibal already does interviews with the old guys & so does Chris Lytle.

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links? Or do I have to go to youtube and search through all the tranny shit to find it?

Your best bet is to go to their page and search.I have no idea of who you have in mind.

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Make sure that you click on where it says videos to see alot more selection.

Joe Son

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