91 Year Old Breaks Bench Press World Record

91 Year Old Breaks Bench Press World Record


He doesn't look a day past 85.

Seriously though, he looks nowhere near 91.

Good for him. Phone Post

you know he is still hitting that

At work what was the number he pushed? Phone Post

Yah old dude! awesome!

Mendlebaum! Mendlebaum!!

^187.2 pounds

Now that's a true pimp daddy!

Time sucks and we are born to fight it

Gib - Mendlebaum! Mendlebaum!!

^187.2 pounds

Well played

Scary, yet inspiring. Phone Post

HaoleBoy - you know he is still hitting that

I would totally hit that old broad. God damn that guy does not look even close to 91. Phone Post

his hearing must be exceptional with those radar dishes. Nice lift old fella. Hope I kick that much ass, actually I will settle for living that long

That freaking awesome. Phone Post

Thats amazing Phone Post

More of the wife. Phone Post 3.0

Sy is like an elder Og'er. Not only does he have a big bench. His wife is 69. Twenty years younger than him and hot.

Would be interesting to read more about this guys diet, routine, etc. See if its genetic or life choices he made that held him together so well. Phone Post 3.0

Man that dude hit the genetic lottery. Most people are dead before that age and those that aren't can barely move. Phone Post

Amazing!!! Phone Post