94/95 Rockets vs 2nd 3-pt bulls

I always thought the Rockets and the Bulls should have played in the finals during the 90's.

How would this match-up have gone down?

How would the Rockets have done if they got rid of Chucky Brown at PF and had Kevin Willis instead?

Would the Rockets have gotten past the Sonics if they only had Kevin Willis, instead of trading half their team for Charles Barkley??

"There are some crazy playoff games going on RIGHT NOW!!!

and you're wondering about the 94 Rockets????"

LOL, I guess Scottie Pippen and James Worthy are redundant since there are some crazy players in the league now!

Souljacker's comment on the Kobe thread got me thinking about this matchup again.

Also, helps that I'm a Houston fan.

If Jordan had not retired the Rockets would still have won one of the titles and probably both that they won anyway. Hakeem was at the top of his game and was just incredible and he had very consistant shooters around him. The bulls never played against a top center except for Patrick Ewing and those were alway close series. Hakeem would have gotten the Rockets the wins over the Bulls

the 93-94 rockets would have beaten the bulls because they matched up so well against them. maxwell always gave jordan fits and did extremely well against him.

The Rockets would have won. They dominated the Bulls during the Jordan era.

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"The Rockets would have won. They dominated the Rockets during the Jordan era.

i believe Cire is TRYIng to say ...

"the Bulls would have won. They dominated eVERYONE else during the Jordan era " :)

"Hakeem would have gotten the Rockets the wins over the Bulls"

Not True. A Bill Cartwright elbow would have had the DREAM out after the 1st game.

i gotta go with the BULLZ all the way tho.