97 of the 100 best universities in the world are in capitalist nations

I wonder how that makes college aged Socialist feel knowing that almost all the best universities are in nations that benefit from their capitalist economies? How do they explain away that evil capitalist nations somehow have the best ability to provide the best educations that they themselves benefit from?

Well I guess they just bury their heads into the sand on that one.



Everything socialists use and love on a day to day basis was made possible by capitalism.


No that can’t be true! The money just comes from the government! The government can always pay for everything forever!

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What is considered not capitalist?

Look at that list real hard at the countries and states. Vast majority would be flamed on here for being socialist shitholes

I think ranking by reputation is more accurate. Otherwise they throw in weird methodologies and questionable schools end up in top 10.

Right: Canada is a communist shit hole!!!