99% of Ariel's content is now an attack on Dana/UFC

All of his IG and YT highlights are specifically curated to focus on fighter pay, unions and other promotions. What a lil weasel this guy is.


99% of Ariel is a clout chasing faggot

The other 1% is his giant fucking nose


Dana besmirtched Ariel’s name 1 too many times. Ariel is exposing Dana and the UFC

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That’s because he’s a bitch made soy boy.


He’s not wrong in doing that, specially because Dana always shits on him. And fighters must make more money.


He fucked over the UFC first. DFW had a good relationship with Ariel until he jumped the gun on ufc 200 cause as I said, he’s a clout chasing bitch


While I agree the fighters should get paid more, I can’t stand Ariel. I’ve never liked him. Even before most people got sick of him, I thought he was never a good journalist, reporter, or interviewer. His approach and tone are annoying and he comes across as a shit stirrer and a weasel.


He will get his ass kicked in his lifetime


Dana’s a bully and a piece of shit human being.

Somehow he’s managed to bully people from a distance into supporting predatory corporate practice, to the point where most will say “why are you complaining about 5k/5k to fight? This isn’t supposed to be a full time job!”, essentially paroting Dana’s own rhetoric.

The guy’s an incredible promoter and clearly has some alpha in him to turn so many people into cuck sheep shills for his company


I find it odd that so many people on here bitch and complain about fighter pay but when someone in a position to actually bring attention to it, talks about it, you bitch.

I promise you most fighters in the UFC LOVE the fact he is doing it and bringing attention to it as they want to get paid more and if you as fans actually cared about the fighters, you’d be hoping he continues down the path of talking about fighter pay because it will help fighters make more in the long run.


Really, you don’t think they are under paid?

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The sub Reddit mma is almost unbearable to go to because of all the constant bitching about fighter pay


You quoted my post replying to him, but I think we agree

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Dana is a bully and Ariel is a whiny little cunt. Both of those statements can be true.

Now that Ariel has no direct ties to ESPN or the UFC he wants to bring up fighter pay every other day. Didn’t hear him protesting about it when he had media credentials or when he was being paid directly by the UFC.


And he won’t change a thing

He’s still a step above Elias Cepeda.


Yup. Happens all the time. If it comes from somebody that is disliked, then it’s undesired.

Ariel is the biggest name in MMA journalism. If anyone has the platform, it’s him.

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Y’all hang off danas nuts too much


Look at this fucking clown…… dude has become a parody of himself

It’s literally not.

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