.999 Silver = Best long term investment

I remember buying junk at spot not that long ago

I was talking to mom the other day, about pot pies 4 for $1.
She says “we used to get 10 for $1”.

Anyone know of a fiscally responsible country?

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 7.28.59 PM

Did some cleaning and forgot I had these. If you’re old and from the West Coast you’ll probably remember these 2.


Someone is trying to sell this 1/1000 antiqued doge round for $400 on ebay. The gimmick with this mint is every ounce they sell is verifiable on a blockchain.

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Not sure about enhanced security.

I didn’t even realize they were doing a redesign until recently. I like both the traditional and new designs.

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Real money backed by shit, what a novel idea!


That’s the difference between money and currency.

Trading good money for bad money

Give it time… our dear leader will probably propose this here soon.

I posted a thread on Biden already burning through 6 trillion. This is going to end badly

Don’t worry, we can always print more!

  • The Fed

That’s the kind of crap that should end with him in the guillotine.


Modest gold dip on a USD .50 boost.
Silver doesn’t move.

Good on both …:slight_smile:

Sharing a sale for all u apes. The Aztecs look pretty cool



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Fucking usps. My stash was supposed to be here yesterday!

No thx to those premiums…I don’t care how pretty they are, I’m here for the metal.

Looking on ebay I see a lot of one ounce collectable art rounds selling for between $35 and $55 a piece. Some even going for $100. Such a niche space though.

If you want low premium physical… I see Scottsdale Mint sells 100 ounce bags of silver shot for $3,100. Same price I see for 100 ounce bars from SilverGoldBull who seems to have the lowest premiums in the retail space right now. Anyone ever bought from them?

I bet dealers don’t pay as much for that shot as 100 ounce bars though, I’d never buy it unless I thought I’d need to trade balls of shot for Spam and MREs and I don’t see that day coming over the next fifty years.

I wouldn’t buy silver shot as an investment even if there was no premium. Selling silver shot would be difficult imo.

Look for the cheapest silver rounds from known mints.

If you are going to mint your own coins then yes! Buy silver shot. If you come up with a custom poured bar I’ll pay you $40 an ounce for a Vanderlei Silver round

Fedor should have his own coin.

He is the only fighter that should.


Yeah I’ve never thought about buying shot, just noticed it for sale for the first time. Speaking of cheap rounds, I saw silvergoldbulls has Sunshine rounds more 32.

I’d figure out a way to to mint those Wanderlei’s but without being licensed to do so… I could not handle the lawsuits.

Highland mint did a lot of baseball, basketball, football rounds. There is a cool PGA series out there of like 48 legendary players in one ounce rounds as a set.

I’d love for UFC to do a big set like that honoring PRIDE fighters and a separate set focusing on UFC fighters. If they could do those sets like limited edition of like 10,000 a piece that would be awesome.

Im looking at an art round right now selling for like $120 from a limited edition of only 2,000 and other rounds from that themed group with a supply of 25,000 a piece are going for like $75-$125 and they were $40 ten years ago. Hell one I saw is graded MS70 out of that 2,000 supply and seller is asking $350.

If spot does start moving, I think some niche art rounds are gonna get crazy premiums.