.999 Silver = Best long term investment

During s pandemic it should have shot to da moon

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Getting close to my buy level.

I might do that vaulted silver with miles Franklin and swap it for gold when the ratio drops. I’ll let you know how it works out

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If silver and gold can’t rally in these conditions, what’s the point. Pms have something to prove over the next 6 months

There are different investments friend.
PM’s are different, highly manipulated with zero price discovery for a reason.
The re-value of them is always after a crash, many times well after, and the word “precious” hasn’t left its assignment.
When it does, it’ll be named "metals"with a value of tenfold, and likelya degree of confiscation through regulation.

For those that think they haven’t already proved there value over 5000 years, a garden & day-trading might be more suitable.
They’re long term, vs. fiat, and exactly why banks hold 90% of it.
I honestly don’t think about it, it’s just better to have than not.
Markets with true value across the globe have silver at $236/oz., but then it’s a smuggling operation.



If you’re worried about PMs going up or down a little bit you aren’t in the right investment. It’s a long term investment strategy, not a get rich quick pump and dump like some crypto. Buy enough to where you’re comfortable and then add some to your stack every once in a while.

It helps to diversify so you don’t lose everything if one thing goes belly up. Silver and gold have been worth something to basically every civilization that’s existed the last 5,000 years.

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This is a long shot but I think there is a possibility of a big cyber attack. Having gold and silver might do well if the internet is hacked.

I don’t even think of pm’s as an investment. I think of them as insurance. If I never need them my kids can have them.


A lot of “ I don’t have a problem I can stop anytime I need to or decide to “

That’s not a long shot.
That NOT happening is, lol.

The government usually practices something before they do it.

They were running exercises on planes crashing into buildings just before the Jets crashed into the twin towers. The Jets were out of range when the first jet hit the towers and one pilot asked if this was real or the drill.

The bombing in the subway was drilled before it happened.

They also had a think tank discuss what would happen in a global pandemicjust before covid.

The last thing I read is they had war games with large scale cyber warfare. A lot of people are worried this is an omen of things to come. Personally I hope I m wrong. I don’t need any more hardships to my family

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They’ve got to tell you, ya know?
It’s the rule.
Cyberpolygon was both a warning and a psyop that “you can trust the government”.
And hey look, silver’s on sale again :wink:

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I agree. The elite have so little respect for us that they will tell us ahead of time what they are going to do. It’s like Larry Bird telling his defender where he was going to re ieve the pass, where he was going to shoot it and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it

Anything interesting on the ground for the silver market in your area or economy in general? Silver market is quiet now but the big news is:

It’s hard to find quality workers

Rent and house prices are sky high. I get 1300 for a small studio and that is a good price now

There are no cars to rent cheaply, used cars are expensive, no new cars to buy

People are worried about the delta variant. My daughter came back from the mainland and I’m watching her. My wife wants me to stay away because she’s afraid of the delta. She has a compromised immune system.

There are a lot of gig jobs if you want to work. I’ve gotten $40 an hour for labor with a truck. Gonna go back to work when my daughter goes back to school

Food is expensive

Fucking tourist everywhere. Locals are making a killing renting used cars

I’m afraid to travel, it is difficult to follow Covid protocols

More petty theft and cars are getting stolen more which used to be rare. I used to leave my key in my car

I seem to recall the days or posts where you stopped working. I may be getting mixed up. Maybe you were going to do some things around the airport or similar.

But either way yea if you can grab decent money doing PT or contractor, or “gig” style work when you want that could be fun.

Delta is getting a lot of talk and a little press, does anyone think certain segments or places could shut down again ?

You mention some interesting things to keep our eyes on.

I’m retired, I have an OK pension. Just looking for more money to invest