9mm Xd, lessen the slide?

Too hard for a mom, how do i lessen the slide?

I believe you can change out the recoil spring to a lighter spring.

But that can cause jamming issues in certain guns with certain ammo.

yhx bro, not done w quick action, or slide being held in back for months

Swap for an EZ or a revolver.

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if you come on the property, your greeting.

Pinning the slide back will help somewhat , as will running lots of round through it, these remedies will probably not be noticiable tho.

If it is too hard for her to rack a lighter recoil spring is probably your best option. I think the stock spring is 17lbs. Google around and see if you can find a 15lb spring. They aren’t expensive or hard to swap.

If you do lighten the spring make sure you log some DOPE on what ammo runs clean prior to needing the weapon in a self defense situation.

Sig sauer shotgun? good ridancs. dont turn round here.

i got it

I think it’s one of those things you can get used to and gets easier. You build up that strength.

It’s like using a Microtech Ultratech for the first time. At first it seems very stiff, but after a couple of weeks it’s fine.

The other night, had amofo turn round here…wanted to shotgun dem.

How is she doing it? Mine only likes my free hand on top palm down sliding that hand towards my bicep. Beep.

Teach her proper fundamentals. Most women have a hard time pulling the slide back… teach her to grip the slide and push the gun forward. Might sound dumb but it worked with my gf.

This is how I teach women to rack the slide. Seems to work for most.

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I don’t know if it’s a physiological thing or what but it’s worked for the few ladies I’ve introduced to guns over the years. Maybe this will help OPs mom.

If not then I’d suggest the S&W shield EZ series. They make it in .380 and 9mm, single stack but the slides/springs are so light you can rack it with your pinky/thumb.