9th AZGC Results

Kids Team Results

1st place – Megaton (54 points)

2nd place – BJJ Revolution (38 points)

3rd place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (36 points)

Adults BJJ Team Results

1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (122 points)

2nd place – BJJ Revolution (65 points)

3rd place – Megaton (43 points)

Submission Wrestling Team Results

1st place – Cobra Kai (71 points)

2nd place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (63 points)

3rd place – BJJ Revolution (20 points)


1st Round

Pedro Elias defeated Jamie Varner by triangle choke

Marcos Torregrossa defeated David Farias by points (11x0)

Andy Wang defeated Ryan Beauregard by decision

Scott Bieri defeated Steve Rosenberg by points (2x0)


Andy Wang defeated Scott Bieri by points (3x2)

Marcos Torregrossa defeated Pedro Elias by decision (The Best Match)


Marcos Torregrossa defeated Andy Wang by points (2x0)

Marcos received a 32' Flat Screen LCD TV sponsored by www.soyogroup.com

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