_______ vs. Matt Serra?

Let's give Zuffa a few ideas for Gerald's replacement.

I say Bang or Genki. Genki vs. Serra would be fantastic!

Sudo wwould be great


Period. No question if he is available.

They already have a replacement

It will be Ivan Menjivar.

"The Sushiboy"


Takada vs. Matt Serra

Are you serious? Who's that guy?

Menjivar is a well rounded fighter.

He has great submission defense and solid standup.

He was once managed by Stephan Patry president of TKO but they had a falling out and he has not fought on his card since. He trains at the same gym as many of the top fighters in Quebec such as David Loiseau Georges St Pierre and more. Best 145 pound fighter in Canada, and could compete with anyone at 145 in the world. He is still very young i think he is around 22 years old and already has 16 pro fights. His record is 13 wins and 2 losses. He had a No Contest fighting Georges St Pierre.

His ideal weight is 145 but has competed as high as 170.

He fought Jason Black at 170 and lost that fight to a much bigger Black. He beat BJJ fighter Jeff Curren at UCC 10 in a good fight where he fought off submission attempts for most of the fight but used his boxing and ground and pound to beat Curren. As far as his past opponents I would have to say Curren has the most comparable skills to Serra. Serra is bigger and probably slightly more aggresive then Curran.

Menjivar went the distance with VItor Shaolin Ribiero on very short notice, i believe the notice was something like one week and made a good account of himself losing by decision to a top fighter.

He only has 2 losses on his record. One loss to Jason Black and one to Vitor Sharolin Ribiero.

In any case I feel he is a very credable replacement considering the time frame they had to work with. It would have been a difficult sell finding another top 155 pound fighter to compete against someone like Serra who has been training with a fight in mind.

Yeah, I'd still rather see Sudo instead...

DW- Make it happen!!!

As far as I know this fight is signed.

So unless one of the competitors gets injured this fight will happen.

Top name fighters are more difficult to get on such short notice.


sudo or bang. That is all.

menjivar is fucking awesome, but i think serra will be too much for him. i think menjivar will put on a good showing and get some recognition in a loss.

Alberto Crane should get the shot, he's pretty much the only guy that Zuffa could get who would be more than happy to fight Serra on the ground.

Ivan Menjivar

Tatsuya Kawajiri (decisioned Yves and KO'ed Ryan Bow in his last 2 fights)

Genki Sudo

Joe Stephenson


TTT for Menjivar. Not only does he have an impressive record, coming off a great win against Militech

Fighting Systems Mike French, but he is also a really exciting fighter to watch and a great showman. His

fight against a very tough and respected Jeff Curran was very entertaining and showed the all around great

skills he has. Styles make fights and his style puts him in an excellent position to 'upset' Serra. He is

one of the best kept secrets in mma, and it will be a real treat for those of you who haven't seen him

fight finally get a chance.


________ by ko. how bout bang ludwig?

It doesn't matter, my money is still on Matt Serra! :)


BZLJJ, I'll take that bet... :)


Menjivar is awesome.

You guys in the States are in for a treat :)