A BB In TDK Let's You Do This

Ok, apologies in advance to the TMA'rs out there but this sotry really gave me a chuckle.


"When you get a black belt, at that stage your brain just clicks into action," the doctor said. "I restrained this gentleman in a very aggressive way without hurting him."

Flight crew members described the man as "very frail," Sanez said. He had been scheduled to board a connecting flight to Singapore after landing in Los Angeles.

My wife watches the guys show and I happened to catch a segment where he was training with his instructor who appears to be a real bad ass from the R.O.K. army. You could totally tell it was one of those Hollywood arrangements, you know, pay me and get an "honorary" black belt. Still Dr. Rey didn't seem to get the honorary part of it when he kept going on about how good he was getting to his wife. His sparring looked pretty sad really, but I guess in his mind his 6 months of training in Beverly Hills TKD are now justified. too funny!

"TDK" wasn't TDK a casettte company? Now they teach martial arts? WOW

Yeah I remember TDK, they were good quality tapes.