A better GI/NO GI hypothetical

Pancho and Tron both train under JJ Machado, but at different schools. JJ and his main assistant, Edwardo Acclaim, split time evenly between the two schools. Both fighters are the same size and weight, and they have the same natural ability.Pancho trains bjj in a gi 3 times a week, trains without a gi 2 times a week, and alternates between cross training in wrestling and judo once a week. Pancho also runs three times a week and and lifts weights 3 times a week.Tron trains bjj strictly without a gi, and always starts his training from his knees. When Tron's not training bjj he eats a lot of fried food, smokes pot and watches MTV. Tron never does any kind of exercise besides his 1.5 hour bjj class.After 8 years, the two meet up in a no time limit, no-gi match. They both spend 3 months training no-gi to get ready for their big fight.Who do you think will win? The cross trained bjj athlete or the pure no-gi bjj athlete?That's a kinda biased hypothetical, dontcha think?


That sounds like Royler/Bravo 1.


mad weed?