A big thank you to Dan "Armhunter" Camarillo!

For you guys, like me that have problem tapping out good guys with armbars, I can really recommend you taking some privates with Daniel(in Bakersfield). His privates has truly increased my percentage with the armbars.
If some of you don´t know who Dan is just search for him on youtube and watch his highlight.
Once again thank you Daniel and I hope I´ll see you in January:)!
Also a big thank you to Jerome Basilio for hooking me up and for being a great friend.
/Christian from Sweden.

 Dan Camarillo is the man!

Draag, can you give us more info...does he have a school in Bakersfield that we can contact? Thanks.

No info?

awesome vid.

some guy from bakersfield armbarred the hell out of me at a tourny.


I always thought Dave was the armhunter... either way both are awesome.

TTT. I'm a fan of the Camarillos!

My brother is awesome!

Thanks for the vid!


I wish I was that good in judo. I wish I was that good in BJJ too. Awesome.


Sorry Sankyo for not answering your question earlier(connections and such). Saw that David already commented, thx.

Once again Daniel is a wizard:)!

@David: You´re welcome to travel with your brother to the beautiful country of Sweden.