A Blueprint for Fighting on the Outside - Panpayak

Panpayak Jitmuangnon is one of the most accomplished young muay thai fighters today.  At the age of 19, he's won the Sports Writers of Thailand's Fighter of the Year award in 2013 and 2014.  He is also a 2 time Rajadamnern champion and 2 time Lumpinee champion and current holder of the Lumpinee featherweight title. At the time of writing, Panpayak has a record of 204-31-2 with notable wins over tough veterans like Sam-A, Prajanchai, and Wanchalong.
Panpayak considers himself a technician and wins most fights by decision.  He is a classic out fighter, who prefers to keep some distance from his opponent and land long range strikes.  His fighting style fits his physical attributes quite well. He is a lanky southpaw who enjoys significant height and reach advantage over most opponents.
Panpayak doesn’t really change his approach opponent to opponent and does well against both orthodox fighters and southpaws.   Panpayak’s success is built more around technical excellence rather than strategic brilliance.  His offense is relatively straight forward, consisting of a few core techniques.  Despite being somewhat predictable, he is consistently able to score with superior timing and distance management. 
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