A Boobologist's look at Katy Perry

A self-proclaimed "Boobologist" gives us a pretty in-depth look at Katy's mammaries. It's worth a read.

Link is NSFW


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that link =



I prefer the term, "Mammary Savant".


Interested in comparing notes Phone Post 3.0

I must say I like the research materials in that link. If only I could verify it....with my dick...or face..or hands.

She's no Iggy Azalea. Best ass in rap. Look up "work" you're welcome.

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Yeah, those things are pretty good. Phone Post 3.0


Thread fucking delivers

I will have to subscribe to this for research when I get home.

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Ms perry is amazing. She is a 10 to me. Phone Post 3.0

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Holy fuck, that's some superbowl pregrame level analysis Phone Post 3.0