A Bunch of Auctions I Put Up

Copy Pasta since I'm no longer blue.


Threw up a few more posters.

Also considering selling some gloves like Womens BoDog Fight, and never used Throwdown IFL.

Just added autographed MOC Jakks UFC Figures of Miguel Torres, BJ Penn, Forrest Griffin and Keith Jardine.

Also have for sale but not listed:

UFC 50 Casino Chip
UFC 6 T-Shirt
UFC 30 T-Shirt
4 Pairs of XXL Century WEC gloves

and the ebay auctions


Added the WEC gloves because I'm a whore.

I see one of you cocksuckers reported my auction. Good thing I have friends at eBay so I can see what user account reported it.

 why would they  report it?

Much haterade is consumed on this forum.


PM if interested.

I'll also trade pairs of WEC gloves for either old or new StrikeForce gloves.

That's just wrong! Dirtbags!!! Phone Post