A Busy Hackleman!

by Derek Callahan

The Pit is what put the renowned John Hackleman on the map, and it shows through his experienced fighters, most notably Chuck Liddell and Gan McGee. Recently though in North Hollywood, some younger "Pit fighters" showcased their skills successfully.

Michael "Jaws" Sepulveda won his bout via 2nd round kayo, Preston Sharf lost his match by a single point, and according to the Pitmaster himself, "Hurricane" Ralph Alarcon was responsible for the fight of the night. While all the wins were great for Hackleman to see, of most emotion to him had to have been the 1st round kayo administered by his son, Johnny Hackleman, Jr.

"Johnny is tall and much more of a straight puncher than I was in my heyday," said the elder Hackleman on how his son fights compared to himself. "I was more of a bomber (94% KOs) but not much finesse."
While the new generation of Pit-trained competitors may not ever experience the inter-squad, knock down drag out brawls that forged their predecessors, they are Pit fighters nonetheless. Especially now that Hackleman has changed his schools name from Kuzen Martial Arts and Fitness. From now on, it's all Pit to him.

In addition to training his younger students, Hackleman has put on several of his own competitions. Most recent was "Kumite V" on October 24th.  Participants can enter stand up, grappling and Jr. UFC divisions.

"It is a great chance for parents and all spectators to see how good these kids really are, and they are good!" said Hackleman.


It's great that skilled guys like Hack are getting kids involved
b/c he's doing it responsibly. "Kids" and "Ultimate fighting"
don't seem to go well at first, but when it's John Hackleman
you can be rest assured that he's doing a good job with it.

John Hackleman Jr. is a class act. His dad has to be proud to have raised a fine young man. I met J.H. JR at Slo Kickboxing where he manages sales and teached kickboxing to college age women.

Lets hear it for the Pit!

Oliver Fig

ttt for Grandmaster Hackleman.

Cool article - PitMaster rocks!

It was always a pleasure to deal with both John and John Jr. Unfortunately, John Jr. got hurt and couldn't fight for us, but hopefully he'll make his way up here in the future!

No doubt that will make an exciting fight

at least storyline-wise, thats to say, John Jr vs TBA

Thanks guys... The Pit has been mega busy of late... just check out the pages on thepit.tv

what's with the locals beating up the Haole, I got flashbacks.

Hawaiian roots, Haole Pride