A case study: US vs Canada health care costs

There is if you can’t opt out of it.

so the 30 is part of their copay?

how much is being billed to the insurance company for that scan?

if a person pays 5k a year for medical insurance and gets a lab for thirty dollars and nothing else the actual cost of the lab is 5030

edi: sorry failed to read

You can opt out … by moving out of the country.

my idea for the Canadian system

two tiers

you pay your tax burden into the system, doctors work 80% for the publicly funded portion and 20% for the for profit side.

rich people pay into the base system but can pay for expedited services at an exorbitant price. that money gets dumped back into the tax system to increase resources so less of the for profit system is needed. eventually the system will reach homeostasis

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Unfortunately the health care in the United States has become such a complex financial vehicle that there is no simple turn key solution. Lobbying, litigation and legal fees have become more of a cost driver than actual medical care.

Unless you are an actuary or an executive at a brokerage or carrier, chances are you have no idea what you are talking about.

The only thing I pay attention to when it is time to look at voluntary benefits is Maximum Out of Pocket Expense and budget for that accordingly.


The health care issue is one of those things the right wing gets wrong for ideological reasons. That and the environment and covid.

However, they’re right on race, gender and national identity.

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I agree with this

Where in Canada? I want to google the admission rates.

Montreal and NYC

Yeah this is probably true, probably for example for the surgery all they charged the uninsured foreigner for was probably just the surgeons fee (which is a negotiated fee depending on surgery), they’re probably not charging for the operating room and maybe not for the stay at all.

EDIT Just googled it and that’s not true, they would charge for hospital stay as well. Ya not sure why it was so low.

I found BC rates and for uninsured non residents it’s a daily rate of $3700 for a daily ward. Which I am assuming is a surgical ward.

How did he get rates so low?

Have you read Dr. Marty Makary’s book, “The Price We Pay”?

medical care in the US is like used car shopping. They charge $7000 for an MRI but your insurance company (who you’ve been paying $2000/month) negotiates it down and pays like $2000 or whatever. Still more than it’s worth. Hell OTC drugs in a hospital are hundreds of $$ each.

I remember my wife getting one the the nurse needed to scan the blister pack, my wifes bracelet and something to give it to her.

I think it’s both low cost in Quebec from sponsored health care (not for labs, scan, physician fees but for nursing care, ward admission)


Huge markup in the US.

I have not, worth it?

It could be quite different what is charged province to province.

also many other countries have “free” college for medical type degrees. Here Dr’s graduate with more the $100000 in debt and need to charge accordingly

Was paying 4000$ per year in Canada. Compare that to 70000$ per year in the US for my masters


I also found a hospital in Ontario that has non resident rates at $2990 per day.

Nothing for Quebec yet. For some reason keep getting BC rates

In Canada, medical school is subsidized a bit but most doctors will still graduate with about a lot of debt. In total they will pay roughly 150k on tuition for undergrad + med school, another 100k on living on costs.