A case study: US vs Canada health care costs

This is just not true for any other sector, government pays the highest margin on goods/services. Private sector operates more efficiently with lower margins but the medical system isn’t operating as a free private market in the USA (Not suggesting it should be just saying that is the reason why).

Competition is what drives down prices, not negotiating power.

And obviously barriers to entry are a huge factor in determining how many competitors there are.

I tore 2 of the 4 rotator tendons/ligs, whatever. It will be 1 year+ from the time of the accident until I see an orthopedic surgeon. If it happened at work, WCB, I’d already have been in. I pay around 60K per year in income tax.

Sucks, I wish we had a hybrid system with at least private diagnostics and surgery available.

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I just can’t see a reason why not, and so many people want it and will pay for it.

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To add, I’m out of work benefit coverage for therapy, meaning it costs me $70 for every session and I’m going to need multiple more to keep me going.

Could have got imaging sooner but still nobody to look at it, so what was the point of paying out of pocket ?

Yet it doesn’t work that way with prescriptions. It is the the price negotiating that is the difference for sure. I agree with you ideologically but in terms of healthcare it doesn’t work out the way it should.

Hilariously in BC car insurance is run by the government and it’s abysmal, so nationalization isn’t the answer to everything.

I agree on the tiered system. If you want an MRI yearly to check for cancers and can pay for it it should be available. The wait for non emergency stuff is the real downside to the system

I was in the UK last year and needed to see a doctor, their entire public system was basically shut down (as it was in most places worldwide), it was impossible to see a GP. Thankfully they have a strong private system as well. Lots of private companies still seeing patients so was able to get same day appointment and got a scan that same week. Thankfully was clear, but who knows if it wasn’t … some people werent so lucky and waited 6+ months (some people in UK refuse to use private as there is this almost religious level worship of NHS) with a few even dying after being diagnosed too late.

The problem is, you can pay now for it but the only one that will look at is your family dr who then refers you to the Oncologist with a 10 month waiting list.

Unless the tumor came from work, then you’re in now…

Okay? Let me put it another way… what has a bigger impact on prescription prices? Single Payer or Generics?

Generics are increased competition, single payer is negotiating power.

I await your answer :slight_smile: