A change for UFC ?

Because MMA will be legal in Cali, now UFC can build their own stadium, then, no more paying rent to use other places to hold events!

You know, like Dodgers & others who have their own "home"!!!

Then......... more money can go to other things.... like fighters pay, tv ads, etc etc.

Whadda ya think?

Keep em in Vegas--makes for an awesome trip and weekend, plus lends credibility to the event (and I live in Los Angeles!).

Now that would be something

Heck if they WANTED to they could build a stadium at one of the casinos they own in Vegas....

California would be a great place to have a training center, as well as have "minor league" type tournaments of their own, if they can make that work financially. A top norch studio with lots of seminars from their stable of fighters could provide some maintainace income, and the place could host samller feeder tournaments that would be great.

I have never visited it, but I hear the Gracie studio in Torrance is a great business example to model yourself after.

I agree the big shows are best left in Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas.

It would be smart to build an arena in a market that has multiple venues in order to put on a show six times a year that will draw maybe 6000 paid at best?