a clip of Josh after Leben fight

The fight is over because Herb is holding Josh's wrist as if about to raise his or Leben's hand in victory.

Josh is clearly screaming at someone outside of the octagon. It's unclear whether he's trash talking after his victory or whether he's disputing something. But, if he's disputing something why would he be screaming at someone outside of the octagon?

Draw your own conclusions.  This is turning into an espisode of CSI!

Ah dammit!  Go here to see what the hell I'm talking about :0



i do think josh wins, because when his yelling at somebody outside the ring, his face is not destroyed! i think if leban won josh would be bloody, if not destroyed

Yep, that looks like a victorious Josh to me - if so I'm very happy!

It gotta suck losing to queerbait like Diego and Josh.

better link !!!!

here's a link that won't go down



hmmmm it could be like he is making someone eat crow. or it could be he lost and and somebody is talking shit.

"It gotta suck losing to queerbait like Diego and Josh."

LOL I haven't heard the word "queerbait" since grade school!

"BTW, wasn't that a very brief clip of Josh hitting a hard takedown against Leben?"

I think that was a training clip. You can see some guy in shorts in the ring with them.

"I find it hard to believe that the producers would allowed the ending to be known to such a rieveting part of the show"

They gave away the Southworth win in that clip. They also show 2 clips from Forrest's fight which gives some interesting info.

yes it could be any of the things every one said. josh is pissed,because he lost,or talking crap to the other fighters because he won

there's a ring announcer in there...did he come in for the other fights and why is Chuck in the ring?

is anyone getting "this domain has been banned" and an image shack gif

Can we get a rehost of the image in question?

Man it could be anything. Someone could be talking crap to Kos outside the cage BEFORE the fight starts and he turns around to tell them they're next-who the freak knows? I just hope Leben knocks that grin off his head

we crashed the link from the ultimate fighter website! LOL