A clip of my new instructional dvd

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Eddie: that's nice, but you suck for teasing us like that!

"which one have you banged?"

None :(

Where do I sign up to get triangle choked by these two?

i can honestly say, i would never tap.

"can honestly say, i would never tap."

I would tap. Tap dat ass!



their grips are all wrong

"their grips are all wrong"

i dont think anyone is going to care

Eddie, would you mind posting one that features the 6.....errr the North/South position as well?

"Where do I sign up to get triangle choked by these two?"

I'll settle for just one of them.

Chicks! Awesome

Now I realize your genius, Eddie. This whole rubber guard thing is just a ploy to get cute chicks to do some kinky ish.


I think I just came

I was gonna make a juvenile comment about my own grip being fine while watching that vid, but decided against it.

Lol how did he manage that jammy git.

clearly merits a TTT

I don't understand... Why is this Hot?