A Complete Gameplan for the Spider Guard (Mindmap)

Here's something that I just received from BJJ black belt and spider guard whiz Elliott Bayev: an amazingly detailed mindmap showing how the various attacks, transitions and variations of the spider guard all fit together.
It's in PDF form and so it's best viewed with Adobe Reader
You can download it - completely for free - at the link below.  I think it's a pretty amazing tool that really gives you a taste of how high level blackbelts construct their games:
Stephan Kesting
Spider Guard Gameplan

Will check it out. Thank you Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Phone Post 3.0

You're both very welcome.  

If you get the chance let me know how the mindmap displays on your machine.  I found that it didn't look that great in a browser window or in Mac Preview, but it looked very good in Adobe Reader (plus it's a little easier to zoom in, which you need to do given how much stuff is on it)

Looks fine in the pdf on my phone. It takes a second for it to get clear, but that is just typical behavior when zooming pdfs on my phone. Phone Post 3.0

In for later Phone Post 3.0

Very cool.

Thanks Stephan!

In Phone Post 3.0