A Controlled Red Pill Descent

I’m curious if Tulsi’s desire is to shift the Overton window back to the center as a reasonable lefty or if she’s been red pilled and will elaborate on seeing the light on 2a and other issues.

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She’s going to be disappointed with the Florida Waves.

Has she changed her political views?

If she has that should be a clear red flag.

Political views are supposed to be values.

Values shouldn’t shift all that often.

If you find someone with ever changing values, don’t trust them. They’re probably a politician.



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No you change your mind about politics or anything when the information changes. You retard.


Not really. I’ve had views change on issues over time. Based on education, life experience, facts, logic, and real world changes.


Once again malvert tries to sound smart and fails miserably.


I don’t think so. While I had problems with her flip flopping on Syria, I don’t believe her ideologies have changed. She’s been the most resistant against the Democratic party shifting far left to appease the radicals.


she is too sane to have any future with the dems

they were accusing her of being a Russian agent a few years ago


Also, there are a lot of people that get more conservative on issues as they get older.

The whole if you aren’t a liberal at 20 you have no heart and if you aren’t a conservative at 40 you have no brain…

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I bet you’re flailing around on the floor tantrumming.

My post is correct, despite your hurt feelings.

No I’m chilling like Al Bundy and you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.


Dont believe the hype,
As chuck D once said.

Shes a WEF “young global leaders” character.

Klaus schwab has her on strings just like all the rest.

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Looks like at least four others agree with me.

Go argue with them.


Ok. Have a good day bro.

If she were just not anti-gun. Its one issue I just really have no room to move on.

I could even entertain Universal Healthcare. But the last two years have shown me nothing but reasons for private ownership of guns.


Same here. 2a is a deal breaker - hopefully she’s seen the light.

She is a WEF pawn until she comes out and publicly denounced them. Since she’s spoken at WEF events and taken their money and is promoted by their website.

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Trump and Tulsi 2024… TNT