a couple questions...

I have a couple questions about weight training. First of all, I am a wrestler who wants a good weightlifting program. Currently I have two workouts and upper and lower body workout. My upper body workout consists of rows, pull downs,bench press,overhead press, shrugs, and dips. my lower body consists of squats, leg ext, leg curl, calf raises, hip ad/abductor. i do the lower once a week, and the upper once a week, and 2x a week i do scrappers workouts. Can anyone tell me is this is a good workout for a wrestler, and what is there i can do to make it better. also any advice would be appreciated.

-thanks alot


I'd ditch the leg ext, leg curl and calf raisers.

I'd go with full clean and jerk or Snatch as done by Randy Courture.  And OR deadlifts to that for the lower leg day.

You don't need to do much for lower legs.  Squats to full depth, clean and jerks and deadlifts.  You can also add in some Glute Ham Raisers also.

Upper body I'd add in wide grip pull ups as they are always great.  Everything else is alright.  Do the rest for variety if you want.  Shrugs aren't so important to wrestling  imo but doing them can't hurt.  But if you do cleans properly you will work shrugs also.


thanks alot heangkoing.
anyone else have any advice

Couture does one of those or both Olympic lifts?

HK gives great advice. There are many resources with workouts for wrestling on the web. I actually did a search (yahoo) and found a couple. BUT some did not have powerlifts as HK mentions and other sites.

I have a question for you MarcG, what level wrestling are you or what age? I am asking basically because if you are scholastic wrestling (high school for example), doesn't the coach have workouts for the wrestlers to do?

Adding deadlifts is great advice. They will work legs, hips, back and grip like no other movement. What is your set/rep scheme? Are you doing any additional conditioning: running, bike, etc? Train as you fight. D-Rex