A Culture of Violence?

In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook CT shooting, I can't watch any news channel for longer than 5 seconds without someone mentioning that we need to change "America's Culture of Violence".

Anyone fear that in all the emotional uproar about our (videogames, medications, bullying, and guns) that some nut job will throw MMA under the bus as well?


I wouldn't be surprised. IMO its more about a culture of ignorance and opportunists. By opportunists I mean big Pharma Phone Post

I blame Marilyn Manson

Culture of ignorance sounds about right. Violence is a part of life. Always has been, always will be. That isn't even close to the issue.

Yes. MMA, "violent video games", rock/hip-hop with aggressive lyrics, recreational shooting/hunting, etc. will be lumped together as a contributing factor in violent behavior. Even if the shooter was a casual MMA fan, you better believe that some study would pop-up that would find that violent behavior is a direct result of watching combat sports.

Football, boxing won't catch any heat because those are good old fashioned traditional American sports. And you know, people only started killing each other since the early 90s....

I was watching CNN yesterday and they had a sociologist that specialized in the impact violent media has on behavior. It was mentioned that the shooter, Adam Lanza, was an avid player of the ultra-violent, rated T for Teen, real time strategy game, StarCraft......

Fucking StarCraft made him do it obviously.