A Day With Hayato Sakurai

We wrote this article about two years ago on MMA-Japan.com when we were just getting started.  Kris Hartrum lives in Japan and was a roomie of Dan Herbertson, MMAFighting.com's prior Japan correspondant.  This is one of the best articles that we posted and is still one of my favorites to this day.  Back then, our site was quite small and many MMA fans probably missed the opportunity to see what MACH Sakurai is like behind the scenes.  Nevertheless, enjoy this one, spread it around.  



Sakurai seems like a good guy who cares about the sport, I enjoyed the writeup very much.

I am planning to follow this one up with a couple other Japanese fighters.  I attended Dynamite's 2009, 2010, and Genki Desu Ka!! Omisoka 2011.  I have some very fun stories to tell from those events, but nothing as good as this one.  This was one of the more exciting articles we ever published.

That was a really good read. I had forgotten about the mach/diaz fight. Phone Post