A Discussion: Black Violence

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Adaptations to explosive power - higher ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibres, small lungs, greater tendency to mesomorphic physiques, etc - are a west African adaptation. In east and south Africa black people actually go the other direction and have more adaptations for endurance - larger lungs, greater ratio of slow twitch fibres, more ectomorphic physiques.

It’s not relevant to the behavioural discussion were having, but it’s an interesting fact regardless.


The east Africans have shit rhythm and small cocks too

South Africans have a large amount of west African bantu in them. They raped their ways down the coast

Have you seen the gods must be crazy?

Can’t wait until we see a guy in the 100m finals from Ethiopia and a Jamaican winner of the Boston marathon…


Damn, never heard of this one. But the world stops when a shithead like ahmaud arbery gets killed. The media, as always, is the enemy of the people.


Out of all the violence(asssult, theft) that happens between white and black people -90% of it is black on white. This stat has remained constant for decades now but I guess done years it has dipped down to 80%… now I bet you will never hear this stat mentioned by mainstream media . I wonder why?

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I wonder which one is Shanquavious.


I’m betting it’s the it’s upper left one that looks like Antonio McKee

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5 deomcratic heroes there…

And now the dude is dead. Over hot fries.

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Only if they can trace their ancestry to West Africa. A Jamaican is never winning the Boston marathon. It ain’t gonna happen.

20 years ago would you have believed that a Chinamen would hold the 60m indoor dash WR?
Well he does now

Weird looking chinaman

60m world record holder Christian Coleman

Not the preferred nomenclature.


Was it set after this?^^ Im at work so hard for me to cross check (in MS teams meeting)