"A Face Only a Mother Can Love"


Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:40 pm EDT

A face only a mother could love

Holy shit at the Rashad pic.

 the Lytle one is pretty nasty too

That's Thiago Alves, not Thiago Silva...

...If I had a nickel for every time someone got those two mixed up...

Pix reminds me of that movie Faces of Death

so much for Lyoto's weak punching power, when will Machida doubters learn sigh

Ohh baybee you, you got what I neeed... but you say he's just a friend...

 Thanks for posting this, JT!  Lots more good ones here.


 lmao wow that one above is just horrifing


CagePotato -  Thanks for posting this, JT!  Lots more good ones here.


caliphornia -  

 ^^ HOLY CRAP that's hideous!

machida knows how to pick the women alright

caliphornia -  

Such beauty.....