A favor for autism

Dear Friends,

I rarely pass along tidbits from the internet but this one deserves the effort.

Autism Speaks created a music video of the Five for Fighting song, "World",
which features images of autistic children and their families. It is a truly
moving video and was the work of Bill Shea.

The band is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks for each time the
video is viewed - the funding goes toward research studies to help find a

When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and
pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits,
but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal.



not funny Erik

ttt for Autism speaks



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OK, Eric. You just went WAYYYYY over the line. Classless, dude.

My closest friend in the world has a severely autistic son. It's no motherfuckin' joke. I laugh at a lot of your shit, but this just about makes me want kick your ass after my fight in August.

Please be a man and post an apology...NOW!

ttt i posted the same thing on the holyground weeks ago. the autisim thing not the six mix a lot thing

Wow, WWU comes on here to ask the forum members to do something good and he is mocked by that stupid video. No tact at all!

ttt for



weak post ETR

I'm with you, ladd!


Thanks to everyone and their posts. Autism is rampant and needs attention. I really appreciate the post ladd, blessings and hope to you and your son. My nephew is autistic (brothers son) and he is awesome. To all out there with similar situations, your not alone. Hang in there.

Eric, yes your a dick, we get it. But thats ok because its people like you that don't matter....to anyone.



I'll bring this back up. My closest friend in the world has a son that has never spoken. I have cried with him as we've sat and talked about what it is like to be a father and never hear your son call you dad or say I love you.

It is one of the most heartbreaking things because you have a beautiful kid that looks perfectly normal, but is not.

He started a foundation in his son's name and raises a lot of money for Autism.

ladd...I wish you all the best in your situation and hope for the sake of everyone that a cure and/or therapy is found that will unlock the prison that these poor kids are in.

My nephew is Autistic, it's the package he came in, I love him to pieces.


Thanks to everyone for sharing. It amazes me when I see people who make fun of the autistic, from children it is an opportunity to teach. When I see an adult doing it I feel nothing but shame for them. To all who are affected you know the challenges and rewards, keep up the good work.