A few dog names that.....

I thought up in case I adopt this rescue dog I'm going to meet. Vinny Bobarino, Snake Plisken, Lance Armstrong, Jerry Seinfeld, Slappy White, Mr. Furley, Captain Stubing, Roy Munson, Eddie Hascal, Fred Flintstone, Steve Austin, Hugh Hefner, Frank Sanatra, Ricardo Montalban, Dr. Leo Marvin, Brian Boitano, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini, Fred G. Sanford, Charles Bukowski, Rod Laver, Renzo Gracie, Nick Diaz, or Bill. Phone Post 3.0

those are just names of famous people and some dude named bill.

So! Phone Post 3.0

you spelled captain stabbin wrong 

From The Love Boat. That captain. Phone Post 3.0

Snake Pliskin is the best. Gotta see the dog to make the right call. Phone Post 3.0

headroll - From The Love Boat. That captain. Phone Post 3.0

yessir I realize that

dont ruin a good dick joke  :)

He's an older guy that appears to be a lab mix. He's probably about 10 years old but looks in good shape. He's friendly but I want to get him because he gets overlooked at the shelter because most people go for the young dogs. He didn't have a collar so no name. I was joking about the names pretty much but I need to think up one. Phone Post 3.0

wanted to name our dog 'Baron Von Poopenshitz' but stupid wife wouldnt let me..

Ozzy Pawsborne, the Prince of Barkness Phone Post 3.0

seriously on that list I do like rod laver 

Forgot to add Johnny Knoxville. Phone Post 3.0