A few pics from UFN in OKC...

I bumped into Jake Rosholt and i thought it was Tom Lawlor,so i shook his hand and said,"Just Bleed"...He looked at me kind of confused and said,"Thanks man"...When i realized who he was i lol'd!!!

THE CACTUS KID - Ur a sick fuck...you know that?

Yes, I know. Sorry about that.

whitejoe - the end is NIGH asshole

Watchman fan?

Sweet pics kid thanks for sharing

 Nice pix...thanks for posting.

The Marvelous One - nice pics man!! didn't see you!

Man,the day started off hectic...i was headed to the city early to hit up the seminar and about 30 min into the trip i realized i'd forgot my tickets so i had to turn around...i got to the seminar late,and then my old lady who dropped me off at the seminar got lost when it was time to pick me up...so,i hung around century waiting on her to get back with the camera...by the time we left there and went to get a bite to eat the fights were already fixin to kick off...

It was a long day,but one i'll never forget,that's for sure!

LateStart - cool pics.. sean sherk is taller than you .. amazing!

Yeah,i've been this tall since the 7th grade!