a few questions

1)where is tony galindo?

2)what do you have to do to be a ref or judge? i trained to fight and am very familiar with the sport but i got hurt and can no longer compete. i think i would make an awesome ref.

3)is anyone else ashamed that losers of the tuf show are getting tougher opponents than diego? leben fought rivera who fought franklin.even stevenson fought neer in his first ufc fight. quarry fought for a title. bonnar fought irvin. forrest fought fuckin tito. i think were getting hosed on diego. no one will take him serious until he fights guys that are above kotc level. i mean the guy is in the UFC now. why does he get special treatment? how about this why dont we try to blemish his record like we did GSP? diego has more fights than gsp.

4)why not karo/diego? =)

i know nick is no slouch and is one of my favs but that win does not allow him to take steps backward in his career. you gotta keep mometum going and welter weight is a deep pool. they dont need new guys for diego to fight. in my opinion that speaks volumes.


keylock I'm sorry to hear you can't compete anymore due to injury. Best wishes and just remember things happen for a reason!

Karo v Diego I would like to see.

They might be slow-playing Diego because he has such potential. Think about it, if he beat a big name now, people would be pissed when GSP got his title shot later in the year.

Google the athletic commission of your home state.

In Nevada...

To obtain a license as a PROFESSIONAL JUDGE, REFEREE, TIMEKEEPER OR RINGSIDE DOCTOR you must complete the application, submit it along with two passport size 2" X 2 1/2" photographs, and the additional requirements listed below to the Commission office, when your license is approved by the commission you will be asked to remit the license fee. 

It is very important to understand just because you submit all the requirements you are not guaranteed a license. The commission votes to license additional officials when they feel there is a need for more. 

JUDGE $ 50.00

 467.062 - Requirements for license as referee, judge or timekeeper; expiration and renewal of license; system to grade skills of ring officials. 

  1. To qualify for a license as a referee, judge or timekeeper of boxing contests, an applicant must:

    1. Be at least 21 years of age;
    2. Not have been convicted of a felony or other crime involving turpitude;
    3. Submit verifications from three persons of his proficiency as a referee, judge or timekeeper, whichever is appropriate; and
    4. Except as otherwise provided in this section, successfully pass the commission's examination on chapter 467 of NRS and this chapter and successfully complete an internship as established by the commission.

  2. In lieu of the examination and internship, the commission may accept satisfactory evidence of equivalent qualifications possessed by an applicant who:

    1. Is currently licensed in another state or country; or
    2. Formerly held a Nevada license which lapsed in good standing.

  3. A person holding a current Nevada license or who formerly held a Nevada license which lapsed in good standing may be licensed by the commission without examination or internship to perform an officiating function other than that for which he is or was licensed if the commission determines that he is qualified to perform that function.
  4. The commission will determine when additional ring officials are needed and when licensing examination for ring officials will be conducted.
  5. Each license issued pursuant to this section is valid until December 31 of each year. An application for renewal must be submitted to the commission by December 1 of each year accompanied by the appropriate renewal fee. The renewal of a license is not automatic. The commission will consider the applicant's past performance and abilities in evaluating his application for renewal.
  6. The commission will establish and carry out a system to grade the skills of its ring officials. The commission will notify its licensees of this system upon it establishment. The commission and its staff will consider those grades in its selection of a ring official to participate in an event and in its decision regarding whether to renew the license of such an official.
  7. The renewal fee:

    1. For a judge is $50.
    2. For a timekeeper is $50.
    3. For a referee is $75.

You probably need to start amateur.

I know that their is a different fee schedule in CA

wow. thanks guys. i didnt remember this thread. thanks for the support geese.

Anytime dude, wish you all the best.