A few S&C ideas

Well a few people asked so here.. These are some examples of strength training days. I didn't really explain much, I just gave a few ideas.. so if you have a question or something just ask. If you're not familiar with the Westside protocols.. check the articles at www.elitefitnesssystems.com. That will explain the principles behind max effort and dynamic effort work. This isn't exactly 100% specific to MMA, but I still like training the powerlifts.. so I tried to make some mods so I can keep getting strong while also transferring to the mat some.

I'm trying to set up a GPP warmup before my actual lifting. This is basically training to be strong and fast while you're tired.. you're doing the hardest part of the workout after you have gone through quite a bit. It usually takes about 30 minutes or so to finish the "warmup."

On squat days, I like to set up a gpp/lactic acid conditioning type warmup. Here is on example, but you can also try using some of Scrapper's stuff. My personal favorite is Creeping Death. I made a few modifications though -- I removed the abdominal work, and also added in some sled dragging every "round" after the last traveling drill.

Dynamic Effort Squat Day

Light dragging for 5 minutes

SOME OF SCRAPPERS STUFF or if you don't have MOD1 --

A1.) Burpees - Three 30 second rounds

A2.) Box jumps - 3x3

B1.) Hip Mobility Drills

B2.) Sled Rowing - 3x75 feet

C1.) Jump Rope

C2.) Heavy Sled Dragging

Lactic Acid Training

D.) Power Cleans off of boxes, or high pulls from the floor (60%) - 1 rep every 15
seconds until you hit 20 total

E.) Dynamic Effort Box Squats
8x2 (20-30 seconds rest) In between sets you can perform some type of active
recovery -- shadow boxing, or jump rope.. keep moving.

One heavy movement for the posterior chain (rack pulls, snatch grip dl,
etc.) Heres a good spot for Wiggy's 1s & 2s.
10-15 sets of 1 rep. Heavy weights, short rest.

Ab and grip work if you like, then get out of the gym.

On bench days.. I work it a little different. I try stick to strength specific
movements, I guess I'd call 'em... but I guess there may be some some sort of conditioning effect. Not like squat days though.


Dynamic Effort Bench

A.) Sledgehammer Tire Striking - 3x3 minute rounds

B1.) Heavy Sled Rows - 40 feet

B2.) 45lb plate Clean & Throws

C1.) Hammer Curls

C2.) Face Pull

D.) Speed Bench Press 9x3 (varying grips) - short rest periods (25-35 seconds of active recovery:: either shadow box or jump rope. Keep moving.)

Now here, you may want to use different angles. I always stick to flat bench because I still like trying to better my form and increase my bench. But you can try incline press, push press, or maybe jerks. You can also do some sort of ballistic pushup type exercise..

E.) Another heavy exercise -- again, I like training bench lockout, but you can do something else. This might be a good spot for Wiggy's strength endurance stuff. I'd use a pulling exercise and save heavy pressing for max effort bench day.

Chins - 10-12x2 heavy reps.. short rest periods

F.) Then a medium-intensity exercise either for back or triceps. Seated cable rows or DB extensions are a couple posssibilities. A couple sets of 8-12 reps.

Now, I'm no expert so this is just what I'm thinking.. It seems to be working well for me so far. Hope this gives someone some ideas.

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Great workout, Ryno. How long total does this type of workout take you to complete, including the warmup portion?

A little longer than some people recommend.. but I don't consider the warmup as part of that "Get out of the gym in 45 minutes or you're wasting your time" rule.

It usually takes about an hour and fifteen minutes if I'm really jamming. Mainly because I have to drag everything into my backyard, then bring it all back inside.. its alot of setup time.

Oh, I only do workouts like this 3x a week.. sometimes 2 if I'm feeling really beat up from grappling. I also throw in an extra conditioning workout.. similar to one of Scrapper's new ones.. 'Bring it On,' I think.

Good stuff. I'm waiting on Mod1 right now, but might try working some burpees into my weight routine as more of a 'dynamic' warm-up. Gotta work off that pie from yesterday...I probably moved out of LHW class based on pumpkin pie alone :)

I feel that dude. I made sure I got a good workout in yesterday afternoon before I ate. Figure I'd take advantage of all that food.

I eat pumpkin pie almost every day of the year. I love that shit. I finished one off yesterday along with about 5lbs of biscotti and tons of the regular thanksgiving stuff.

Doing this type of training has really helped keep the fat off me.. I'm not exactly ripped, but I eat like a total asshole pretty much every day.. so I don't look bad for my food intake.

I eat pretty clean during the week; lots of chicken breast; oatmeal for carbs; smoothie-type shakes with whatever high protein chit I have in the house (cottage cheese, yogurt, protein powder, etc.). No way in hell I'm passing up Thanksgiving Day cooking though. I just finished a workout this morning, so I'm feeling a bit better about having strapped on the feed bag yesterday. Tried some burpees & striders before box squatting - damn...that takes it out of you. I'm spent.

Looks good to me also.

I had an pretty dam good session on Wednesday. Benched out 75kg x 6r x 5s and the last set I did 7 so that was sweet. One more at this and I'll up it to 80kg the session after.

Did some flys with straight arms lying on the floor. They are a mofo to do as I haven't done them in years. I use to be able to do it with 12kg DB. Now I struggled with 10kg! Doing some over head pulls with straight arms also, again fron lying on the floor. Want to improve my Gymnast strength. I want to seriously own the rings by the time I am 25-29y/o.

Going to muscle up, pike leg raise, go in to crucifix, go back to normal hang, go to crucifix again and pass to hang, pull from hang with straight arms to crucifix (lol being VERY adventerous with this one lol) get to top of hang, front planche, press to handstand with straight arms :D

Would be INSANE if I could pull that off. Yeah we can dream and train ^_^


ttt for later

TTT damn dude thats some interesting stuff, you can still find time to grapple (no fatigue) as well as doing your workout.

O before I forget what do you do on ME days?

Yeah, dude.. I feel just fine grappling. Better everytime I go, in fact. I really don't think its too high volume. I've been building my work capacity up for a while now, but I really don't think its too much for most to handle. The warmup strength exercises are low intensity and done in circuit format, I like to use sledwork alot to eliminate eccentric stress. Rows are definitely cool..

I probably wouldn't recommend you jump right into a long warmup.. ease into that or it will affect your lifting performance for sure. So don't go and do a complete Scrapper workout right away.. adjust it so you'll have to push, but don't kill yourself. Then next time, add in some more. I'd still keep the whole thing under 25-30 minutes.

One thing I'll mention too is I use lots of BCAAs. Both during these workouts and while I'm rolling. I feel like they really help.. thats one supplement I still trust. Xtreme Formulations' ICE.. good shit.

Oh, ME days.. I pretty much work 'em the same way. Conditioning/LA warmup on ME squat day.. Strength-specific gpp warmup on ME bench day.

I also don't do quite as much work in my warmup on ME squat as I do on DE squat. I like to break PRs as often as I can. Other than that.. pretty similar to WS. Just toned down a little bit..

I like to make up new exercises all the time. Thats my favorite part of ME bench day.

Hahahaha, fucker. I wish i had a yard to train in!

That's good shit! Where do you live man? I'd love to work out with you some time. You might like the workout i just developed for my bjj team (go to catamountbjj.com for pics and shit) that i'm going to slowly introduce to them. Me and my coach are about to start in with it to work out the kinks, and a certain high level BJJer has experssed a great deal of interest in my work ;)

Who do you train under for your grappling? Is it bjj? gi or no gi?

anyway.. good stuff.


Thanks dude. Its nice training outside, but now its getting pretty damn cold.. so those tire strikes don't feel too good on the hands. But fuck it.. gotta keep freaking out my neighbors.

I live just a little bit south of Chicago,.. you're somewheres in the midwest, yeah?

I'll check out your workout as soon as I'm done lifting.. I'm about to run out now for ME bench.. I'm always looking for new ideas. I think I have a good idea for today I'm actually going to try out.. I'll try to get a video if it works out.

Oh -- I train with Joey and Danny Gilbert... Tommy Lee too, he's been kicking some ass. Its no-gi jj, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling -- all that shit. I suck, but I have a blast doing it so I keep on. I never wrestled or anything so its all new to me. Maybe when I show these guys I can roll, they'll listen to me when I tell them I have ideas for S&C. Haha, I have a feeling if I tried to show them something now.. they'd be like 'get the fuck outta here dude.'

If you ever want to trade emails and discuss anything or whatever -- rorrico@comcast.net. Otherwise, I'll post back later after I check your website.

Yeah, it's just on my crew. There is no workout on there as of right now, since, like i said i want to work out the kinks. Since we're trying to make bjj an intercollegiate sport, we want to have certain physical fitness guidlines for the athletes who wish to compete for free.

I had no prior experience either, but luckily i was one of the founding members, i possess(ed) keys to the training location, and demonstrated a sizeable knoweledge of fitness, so i was taken seriously right off the get go! I was just lucky; right place at the right time sort of thing. I still suck though. Newbies have flown past me in skill so many times! LOL! I spend so much time trying to figure out how to get better, i dont spend any actually working on it ;)

Naw, i'm not in the MidWest. Check out my screen name. That's where i am, but i was in detroit a little while ago for a visit. Ahh well...

I'll definitly mail you in a little while. I want to bounce my ideas off of someone to see if it's ready for the real world yet.


Yep. I'm an asshole. vermonter.. jeez. I just thought I remembered a post about you and minnesota or something. Maybe you were just visiting?

Definitely drop me an email sometime.

Heres my new idea.. I guess.


Push Press (actually I think it turned into a jerk).. w/ chains. This felt pretty cool.. kind of weird stabilizing the bar w/ the chains hanging off of it. Keep in mind I haven't pressed overhead in about 8 months so I know the poundage is week.. I think it works out to about 180 or so at the top.

I did 8x1 w/ ~45 seconds rest... after my max effort close grip bench.

hey man, if you got AIM, i'm noexcusexx

im on right now.

Do it


LOL... i dont think i could do that much. In fact i'm almost positive i couldnt.

Its definitly a push press. That's some sick shit.