A few things I want to talk about

But i don't feel like creating a bunch of threads:

1. Mayorga vs Margarito. Why hasn't anyone even discussed this as an option? Who the hell wouldn't want to see this barn burner? Is is a promoter thing?

2. Interbox declared bankruptcy. This is very bad news for Cdn boxers. As an offshoot it looks like the Gatti/Dorin fight has been called off because of it. Its a shame on both fronts.

3. I read in Ring magazine that Tsyzu and Chavez held the welterweight titles for the same duration (almost 5 yrs). In that time frame Tsyzu fought 7 times and Chavez 27 times. My how bxing has changed.

4. McCline has been declared #1 contender for IBF title. How? I'm not sure how but i'll admit I'm more than intrigued by a fight between him and Byrd, although I'd have preferred to see McCline/Golota.

5. Rivera pulled out of the Mayorga fight and was slated to make $200,000 for the fight. Now he gets nuttin. He's suing for it and I beleive he should get it, but he prob won't and if he does it'll be in a very very long time. I'm surprised he'd risk losing that much money.....its not like he'll get that anywhere else

6. I've seen some threads on women's boxing. I think people are underestimating Ali. I actually think she's a natural and am impressed with her skills. I'll be chastised for this but i think she beats Rjiker cuz she has skills (not better than rjiker) AND will be too big and I think she also beats Ward (not sure if you guys have seen Ward fight but she is very very mechincal and will not be able to keep up with Ali). I'd ideally like to see Ali/Wolfe.

7. I say Klit KO's Sanders. Sanders has 5 rounds in 4 years. Sanders will come out pumping, Klit will repel, Sanders will start to tire and Klit will KO him in the 5-7th round.


1. Margarito is promoted by Arum, Mayorga by DK. The time for this has already passed IMO, and someone needs to sit Ricardo down and try and help him get his act together.

2. Sucks about Interbox. Hopefully, a new group will come together. Interbox did a great job with Eric Lucas, and I am a Dorin fan too. Lennox should start a promotional company over there.

4. Since losing to Wlad, McCline has beaten Shufford, Boswell, and the guy from England last week. Ruiz regained the WBA title, Oquendo lost, Rahman lost, Wlad Klitschko lost, Bubba Johnson lost, Vitali is fighting for the other belt with Corrie. Toney only has one fight at heavyweight. Just think of Big Time as the #1 by default.

5. Rivera's not entitled to the whole purse-he refused to fight. I think he will walk away with about 50-100k tops. He also wont fight Zab. Looks like he is trying to milk his belt. Ive seen him a couple of times, not a bad fighter.

6. Lailas not a bad fighter at all. She got a lot better with Roger Mayweather. I too think she can beat Ward and an aging Lucia.

7. Ive been liking Klitschko, but im getting this funny feeling that Corrie is gonna catch him.....

Lucia Rjiker has become increasingly overrated over the years. Laila has enough skill to maximize the size and age advantage. KO or easy decision.

I'm calling it! Sanders KO's Klitschko in 7!

"I've seen some threads on women's boxing. I think people are underestimating Ali. I actually think she's a natural and am impressed with her skills. I'll be chastised for this but i think she beats Rjiker cuz she has skills (not better than rjiker) AND will be too big and I think she also beats Ward (not sure if you guys have seen Ward fight but she is very very mechincal and will not be able to keep up with Ali). I'd ideally like to see Ali/Wolfe. "

Women's boxing is kind of obscure. I have more women's fights than lots of people. I'd be willing to be that most people here haven't seen more than 2 or 3 of Ali's or Rjiker's fights. I'd be interested to hear how many they've seen along with their opinions

Rogie actually Rivera was screwed royally. The standard practice for this situation would be that the guy who missed making weight would have to give up 35% of his purse (Mayorga was set to make 225,000 and Rivera 250,000) and of this cut the opponent shoudl get 10% and the promoter 25%. Basically, Mayorga would owe Rivera 22,500. Rivera was set to go on that and would have fought. DK then got this Mitchell guy to fight for a free meal at Denny's while still negotiating with Rivera and all the PPV's that would be sold were sold. DK just saw it as a way to make more money and he wanted Mayorga Tito next so why risk it. From what I read, Mayorga did nothing to try and make weight. It was asw if he planned it.

The inside joke at this sad excuse for a PPV was that it was the "Terry Norris Benefit" due to the 7.5 million dollar hit Norris won in court. Where are all the "Roycotters" now. If there ever was a PPV that should be boycotted it was this piece of shit.

from fightnews.com
The New York State Athletic Commission has ruled that DKP and Ricardo Mayorga must each pay WBA welterweight champion Jose Rivera $25,000 after Rivera's fight against Ricardo Mayorga was abruptly cancelled when Mayorga weighed in 7 lbs. above the limit. DKP paid it's own share, plus Mayorga's share. The ruling was made by Ron Scott Stevens, the chairman of the NYSAC, and all agreed it is a final settlement for any and all claims. Rivera was dropped from the card, while Mayorga won a ten-rounder over Eric Mitchell in a 154lb bout.

according to what state athletic commission or sanctioning body are you quoting 35% as a "standard practise".

This PPV was still better than some of Arum's stinkers or the Square Ring Snoozefests with Roy and Smoke Gainer.

Golota-Byrd was a heck of a fight.

FYI, IWAN Eddie Goldman talked to Rivera's manager the day of the fight and the guy told him that Rivera would not fight Mayorga because of the weight disparity.


Where else is Rivera going to get $250k for a fight? Nobody knows who he is. Now, he will have to sit on the sidelines and wait for a TV date or have to go overseas.

Rogie that is the WBA rules my friend. The fight was for the WBA title. Go to fightnews press links and check out George Kimball of the Boston Globe's article. Rivera's sisters actually picketed outside the arena. He was willing to fight by the WBA rules. DK refused.

Did DK offer Rivera a chance to beat up Eric Mitchell and get paid? NO. Did he abide by WBA rules concerning not making weight? NO.

This little episode netted DK about 300,000 extra and as usual where his cards are concerned, the fans got screwed. It is beyond me why people continue to be dumb enough to actualkly pay for these shit fights.

Rogie how can a guy as sharp about boxing as you be such an apologist for a scumbag thief con man felon like Don King?

Since you were not aware of the WBA rules and now you are, do you agree that Rivera was screwed? If not, seek professional help.

I would love to see a printout of what Ricardo Mayorga's net pay for this fiasco was. I truly would not be surprised if he fought for free. I read where DK paid Mayorga's 25,000 fine. I am sure he did this out of the goodness of his heart and all and has no intentions of getting that money back.

What sucks here is as usual on DK's PPV cards, the fans were screwed. He did not deliver what he advertised. Look at all the HBO cards we see and the high quality of them and DK wants people to pay for guys like Golota and Ruiz? Its a sham and a shame.

Go to doghouseboxing.com and check out the 2 letters Rivera wrote explaining how DK fucked him and punking out Greg Leon as a DK stooge writer.

As I said before, I think this was all pre planned and Eric Mitchell was hanging around there for 3 days waiting on the word. The WBA rules were not followed and Rivera was screwed. He was offered a Judah fight for 125,000 which is less than half of his contracted minimum. The guy was being screwed before he even got to Madison Square Garden.

I'd love to see Rivera bitch slap Leon.

That crap he wrote the other day about Rivera was disrespectful to say the least.

whats up hater. Have you subscribed to boxingtalk? I have not and keep debating whether to do so or not. This guy Leon seems to get it wrong more often than not. What I think he does is print the first rumor he hears so he can say you herad it here first. Usually that means it is probably bullshit and that will come out soon.

If you want to know whether this is a DK stooge site or not, just remember the DK Terrry Norris court ruling. Every boxing site I know of reported it as well as ESPN and Fox Sports yet boxingtalk made no mention of it. Leon was at the DK PPV with Spinks Mayorga at the time. Then, to top it off, they posted a DK reply where he had more bullshit than Gator and was never even asked about it. They posted a DK reply to a story they never even covered. Give me a break.

I am also still waiting on that December rematch between Lewis and Klitsko that Leon claimed was a "done deal". I do remember where I heard that bullshit first.

1. Rogie, Why do you think the time for this has passed? He'd be better suited fighting Margarito then Spinks again. At least Margarito would stand in front of him. That being said, he does need to get his act together....has this fight ever even been discussed or is it a def "no" cuz of the promoters?
I gotta be honest though, if Mayorga was my fighter I'd hold out for the trini fight. Mayorga is too big a risk to lose to anyone at any time cuz of his face first style so I'd take the $$$$ and run.

2."Rivera's not entitled to the whole purse-he refused to fight." IMO he should be entitled to a % of his purse AND a % of his opponents purse if he chooses not to fight. He should walk away with almost as much as he would have if he did fight. why? The weight limits are there for the safety of the fighters. No fighter should have to make a decision to put himself in an unsafe situation because of $$$. Rivera held up his end of the bargain, Mayorga didn't. He should get at least 80%.

Also the decision to fight should be his alone and if he does decide to fight he should get 100% of his purse plus a percentage of the opponenets purse.

If Mayorga comes in overweight and he can just pull out and pay a 25K fine while Rivera gets no salary, than that is a complete joke and a complete screw job.

That being said.....Rivera would never get anywhere CLOSE to 250K any where else. He should be lucky to get 25K for a fight.

"Women's boxing is kind of obscure. I have more women's fights than lots of people. I'd be willing to be that most people here haven't seen more than 2 or 3 of Ali's or Rjiker's fights. I'd be interested to hear how many they've seen along with their opinions"

I've seen 3 rijker fights (2 boxing and 1 kickboxing) and about 5-6 Ali fights and 1 Vonda fight.

With Rijker they all seemed to be mismatches but i remember thinking how much this girl fights like a guy. Very impressive.

Laila has shown improvemnet in every single fight I've seen her in.

I saw Ward in a Life and death battle with this tub o lard...Ward is very bad imo....

Rjiker coming up to beat Laila is like Tsyzu coming up to beat Tarver. Just way too big. Its not like Ali doesn't have skills.

Molson I think you drastically underestimate Rivera's position. He has the WBA 147 pound title. That alone gets him some money. IMO 125,000 for Zab is ridiculous. Spinks got 800,000 to fight Zab. That is a big difference. He was very smart to not take it IMO. He can get into the 250,000 range easy or more. He was getting more than Mayorga for Christs sake. If he had no earning potential, why was he getting more than Mayorga???????? If he could convince DK to unify with Spinks, he may get as much as 500,000. I am shocked that so few people see the possibilities for Rivera other than taking it up the ass. I think he made all the right calls so far even though he was willing to fight Mayorga under the WBA rules.

A fighter should get his entire purse when a guy misses weight or at least 80% or more. It should be a standard procedure so a promoter has no sayso. It is a complete conflict of interest. It possibly waters down the product for the fans and it risks the safety of the fighter. A world champion should not have to risk an entire camp for no salary. The guy who missed weight should never be allowed to fight someone else on the card without his victimized opponent being able to fight as well.

Just think about what happened here. Mayorga IMO purposely missed making weight. He obviously did not make a professional effort. He was almost over Jr MW. Rivera comes in making weight and has taken the fight very serious. But he is put off the card and Mayorga gets a sparring partner to beat up. Rivera was never offered a replacement fight and was screwed over according to WBA rules. This is the type stuff that kills boxing with the mainstream. Intelligent people see this for what it is. Sometimes us boxing people overlook these things because we love the sport. We should not.

Oh I forgot to say something. Greg Leon is not very smart IMO. I think he has a decent eye for boxing but when he starts advising fighters on business a supersonic sense of stupidity and lack of business sense seems to flow like the Nile River out of his brain. Check the history fror verification.

There's no way in hell I would subscribe to BoxingTalk. Fork over cash just to read bullshit rumors and a daily mailbag? I don't think so! Paysites are a waste; you can always find someone on a message board that has a subscription and reports the news or column for free (ESPN Insider ring a bell?). Greg Leon is a Don King stooge, a Hopkins lackey and a Tarver yes-man.

Jose Antonio Rivera has never even made $125,000 in his career. DK cannot pay him the same $250,000 for a fight with Zab because the pay structure is totally different for the May 15 card. Greg Leon has written his rebuttal to Rivera, and though I think he could have been more respectful he does make some points you can consider.

As far as IWAN's allegations about boxingtalk not reporting DK losing a judgement to Terry Norris. DK lost the court decison early that week, and boxingtalk did in fact do an interview with Judd Burstein after the verdict where he criticized DK's legal strategy. If I am not mistaken, they may have ran a headline announcing the loss also.

If Boxingtalk is so pro Don-King why do they do interviews with Hopkins, Judd Burstein and others who publically criticize King in their interviews?

rogie give me a break man. They did not report the loss and it was settled on the Thursday before the fights. I have spoken via email to Ron Heard and Greg Leon and they both offered tons of excuses as to why they did not cover it. It was blatant. The Burstein interview was much later and it was inside a bunch of news stories. It did not even have its own headline. They were running from Don King.

Rivera has a minimum guarantee with your boy Don King of 250,000. What part of that do people not understand? Why was he getting more than Mayorga Rogie? What would he get to fight Spinks? Much more than 125,000 I guarantee you that. Rivera made the right move and that moron Leon cannot even see it.

Rogie are you telling me that Zab Judah for 125,000 is his best option? You are smarter than that.

Also, you seem to want to avoid the basis of this topic. DK screwed him. Why wasw he not offer5ed Eric Mitchell? Why were the WBA rules not followed? You have got to do better than "it is better than some of the Arum stinkers". That is lame.