A fight is a fight is a fight

Max is one of the GOAT badass motherfuckers for taking this fight on a weeks notice, 


kind of works out for kalabeeb cuz Holloway is tall and lanky with good ground game like Tony, I'm just happy we still get to see a great fight take place Saturday night it's gonna be great. 



All you babies crying the blues about how this messes up divisions need to understand we have a mega fight before it's time on Saturday. 


If kalabeeb was champ at 55 and max came up to challenge as the champ of 45 then we gotta mega fight. 



Doesn't really bother me because it was pretty obvious in my opinion that Tony was about to get easily beaten on Saturday. I didn't think it was going to be close

I actually think this is a more interesting fight

Max is getting smashed 

prettt awful fight as evidenced by the betting odds.

also yet another case of handing out a lightweight title fight.... to a guy with zero fights at lightweight.