A fight that would be good

I think a fight that would be KILLER is Joslin vs Bongfeldt. It was set for the KOTC Canadian belt, but never happened, don't remember why. Bongfeldt has been on a tear aside from the Goulet fight, I think that would be a great fight to see, anyone agree?

I would like to fight this hyped up Steve Bosse guy after he wins a couple more fights. He looks tough, and has a lot of hype building around him.

Man I wonder what is going on with Joslin he hasn't fought since Kosheck.I agree he would be a great matchup for Jesse.I have always felt Joslin was 1 of the top 3 170lbs guys in Canada that hasn't been given the credit he deserves.

Also Let Tim take Bosse out in a couple of fights.

One more thing congrats to Chambers.Good win.

OK 2 more things I would love to see wooley fight Hominick next fight.We'll get to see how good wooley's chin is and how Hominick makes out against a world class wrestler.

Bosse is like some kind of hockey fighting legend, I just thought that was wierd.

Bosse is a goon in a low-tier semi-pro league, and he gets up in fights against cans he can easily beat because he is a big seller in Quebec. Tim Hague would beat him in 5 seconds or less.

Five seconds or less?? haah tko by running superman punch! I agree though, a skilled heavyweight beats him fairly easily I would think.

I think it would be an exciting fight, but 5 seconds.... not sure about that. Oh and just as a side note, I have never lost a fight in hockey as well. I probably have about 50 or so under my belt.

How did the Bosse fight look, and what was his weight like?

wooley is 135er, he fought in montreal friday night

Doesn't mean he won't fight 145lbs.Hominick has fought at 155lbs also.Alot of guys will jump btwn weight classes.I think it would make a good matchup.I think Hominick would win but the styles both guys have would make it interesting.