"A Fighter's Heart" by Sheridan

Good read. Could have ended it a little sooner, IMO, but it was still good.

You'll enjoy it if you are an MMA fan.

Off to start the Harry Potter series now.

great book.

when is it comin out in paperback?

What is it? I've never heard of it.

greatest mma book IMO about a guy going to different fighting camps around the world and telling his experiences with some of the best fighters in the world

This book is great. I also loved "The Last Wrestler" but that was more of a traveloge (which I still enjoyed).

I really liked his chapter on "Gameness" and dogfighting too.


Wasn't into the dogfighting personally, but the rest of the book was great. Well I could have done without the meditation

LOVED IT! All Of It! great read!

Great Book! I liked the chapter on BTT the best.

 Very good read.  Couldn't put it down for the first 3/4.  Thought it did slow down a bit towards the end.

 I liked it, but yeah, I was lost on the Brazil trip, the second round of boxing and the dogfighting.  Kinda had to fight through it to finish on those things, but loved the Militich camp, Thailand and first boxing stories.

Good book for martial artists, or fight fans. I think people outside of the scene wouldn't truly appreciate what it was all about. All in all a good book, kinda read like a journal at some points, thus having some slower drier parts but the good def. outweighed the bad in this one.

 Liked it but certainly dragged on.

The movie set, meditation etc were rough to get through.

Really? I enjoy this book every time I read it. The Thailand portion is the best since I have trained with the same people. I thought the dog fighting portion was a bit out there but I try to accept the cross over in mentality. I would say this is in my top 20 books.