A Fighters Heart

A Fighter's Heart: One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting (Hardcover)
by Sam Sheridan

Just found this on amazon and thought I'd give the UG a heads up. The author trained with militech(s/p?) and wrote an magazine article about it. you can get a better and more articlate description on amazon.

One of the best writers/authors I've read on MMA

GaryG, Sam is one of the best writers out there that is for sure.

On top of all that, he is honestly one of the coolest dudes I have ever met.

He has literally done it all, every time Sam is speaking, I listen. Try to soak in as much as I can.

And after previewing parts of this book, I know it will be right up any fighter or fight fans alley.

It is an honor to call Sam Sheridan a freind of mine.

Buy this book UG, it is going to be something else!





Very cool TB.

The way you describe him sort of came across in the article. He "gets" what mma, fighting, training whatever meant to most of us. I remember when the magazine article was out it generated a lot of positive comments on the UG. Not sure if that thread is still around somewhere and Kirik or a blue namer can resurrect it.

He definitely is a compelling writer. I preordered the book and I?m looking forward to reading it.

I am giving a personal T-Bidness garuntee that you will enjoy it.

When I was sitting with Sam watching the Franklin/Silva card, he went into something about how each fighter is from two truths, two compltely different worlds and his philosophy on the subject was some of the most compelling shit I have ever heard.

I was just like... wow... Sam is the type of guy that after you meet him and a few conversations later you know he has been everywhere, seen the world, done things that most people will never do. And that is why I respect him so damn much. He went out and did it.

He wanted to learn about Muay Thai, so he went to Thailand @ the fairtex camp. Sam wanted to learn about BJJ, so he went to Brazil and the best schools there. He has trained at MFS, not like a journalist doing anything half ass, he trained as a pro. Full all out sparring sessions, and if anyone has heard some of the stories I have about MFS on Wednesday nights...

I cannot go on enough about how much respect I have for Sam, and I know after people read this book they will as well.




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Kirik, hell yeah. That is what I like to hear. I am going to promo the shit out of this thing in Chicago.


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Funny how it all started in '99 and then about '02...and look at MMA
today. Hope the book is enjoyable because it was good to me.

Bidness, you can relax on the TTT stuff because pretty soon we'll have an
ad up...

this is a good thread but the "bottom boy" one is funnier...

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