A friend of mine

Is going thru a hard moment in his life.

Long ago his wife didn't have kids, so they decided to adopt a little girl. They went to an orphanage, and found out a 5 yo child that had a face so similar to his wife, they fell in love with the girl.

But the girl, in those early 5 years, suffered a huge amount of abuse. She had scars all over her body, meaning she was beated with cruelty. She starved many times.

The first time my friend showed her what a sausage was, he had to left the kitchen for a while, and when he returned, she had all the sausages at once inside her mouth.

She once also hid some pasta bellow her pillow, fearing she would not have anything to eat.

So, you can have a picture of what that girl went thru.

Later, as often happens after an adoption, his wife got pregnant, and had 2 boys of her own.

Of course their attention had to be divide with the younger kids.

Nowadays the girl is 17, and she is giving a lot of trouble to him. She has been stealing him, lying to him, and is unable to keep deeper friendships.

The day before yesterday she stole him in R$400, and my friend does not know what to do anymore, it was not the first time.

I ask you to pray for him and his family.

Thank you.

you got it!

Thanks, Yuki.

Is this guy part of a larger extended family or is it more or less just him, his wife and children? The reason I'm asking is that this can make a huge difference in his support base, which I would have to tailor a response to (if you're interested in what an arrogant and irritating atheist like myself has to say on this!).

I've known many people in the girls shoes and a couple in your friends.

I think it is only about him, his wife and children.

Donna that is a really sad story. I hope things work out for your friend.

Damn...I'm going through some rough stuff with my son but I think it would be worse if it was my DAUGHTER.

While I feel a bit lost about my own son, I hope your friend works his situation out as best he can.


I will pray.


No news, Yuki.

This is the kind of stuff that takes a lot of time to be solved.

Just didn't want the thread to drop, my friend.


I wish them good luck. sounds like a tough situation.

My friend is just going on... carrying it the way he can...

I read this a while ago, and thought I responded. I have been praying for your friend and his daughter.