a game in iso format?

i have a game in iso format? what am i supposed to do with that now?

i used undisker to extract the files, now i keep getting error messages. vorbisfile.dll missing
ogg.dll missing what are these?

i now found those files, but what do i do with them, i cant put either one into the game file, as it says it is missing the other one. ie: if i try to copy ogg.dll into the game file, it says it cant as it is missing vorbisfile.dll and vice versa

use Daemon tools to play the ISO from the hard drive.

jonwell has iso'd the correct. Trying to explain how to burn iso's over the net is difficult. You need someone there to show you. Just use Daemon tools.

ok thanks i got daemon tools to work, but file was corrupted so it wouldnt install lol oh well, at least i can get game to start installing, now its just getting a file that isnt corrupted.
thanks for the help