"a get-rich-quick entrepreneur"

"a get-rich-quick entrepreneur in Florida"


While this isn't about catch wrestling, it should be interesting. Can you guess who the "entrepreneur" is?

Irishman Peddles Ultra Violent DVD
By Sean O' Driscoll

The owner of one of Ireland's largest martial arts centres has defended selling horrific illegal Irish bare knuckle fighting DVDs in the U.S. that teach how to kill or maim an opponent.

Dermot McGrath, who runs the Pankration Fitness Centre in Limerick city centre, promises the viewer will learn how a "quick and dirty head butt can shatter someone's face" and how to "smash someone's teeth in with a slight variation of a jab" on his website, www.irishbareknuckleboxing.com.

In an ad for the $100 DVDs, run through a get-rich-quick entrepreneur in Florida, McGrath also promises to teach boxers how to illegally maim an opponent without being caught.

He also promises to teach "how to beat through a rope-a-dope defence -- even breaking your foe's arms with this sneaky tactic," as well as how "to crack someone with a liver shot that'll have him doubled over in agony and unable to defend himself!"

Speaking to the Irish Voice on Tuesday night, McGrath claimed that the DVDs would help fighters defend themselves from dirty tricks in the ring and that he had sold over 700 copies.

However, when it was put to him that the DVDs are written in language that was far from defensive and was encouraging illegal and dangerous moves, McGrath said that the advertising was not meant to be believed.

"Nobody really believes you're going to knock someone's head off. I think people reading it would know that," he said.

However, some of the illegal moves advertised include, "secrets of 'invisible' low blows" and "how to hit someone on the ground to finish him off quick."

McGrath said that nobody can stop a dirty fighter from doing illegal moves. "A dirty fighter is a dirty fighter, there's nothing I can do about it. I'd rather have the information out there for everyone," he said.

The DVDs, marketed through Florida-based Internet salesman Matt Furey, also promise to teach the viewer how to use elbows during a fight that are is "guaranteed to split someone's face right open!" as well as "foot stomping secrets that incapacitate your opponent!"

In an introduction to the website, Furey boasts, "These Irish fighting techniques are beyond brutal. I don't know if you're the type of person who can stomach them. Maybe, maybe not.

"But one thing is for certain, there is no faster way I know of to make heads fly with a single punch than these ruthless punches."

The DVD, entitled Take His Head Right Off: Introducing the Secrets of Irish Bare-Knuckle Boxing, is based on the banned bare knuckles fights that are still run by some Irish traveller families and can attract an audience of hundreds.

While the fights can go on for hours, most end before the fighter suffers serious injury, unlike the type of fighting technique taught by McGrath.

"I've been seriously involved in martial arts, boxing and bare-knuckle boxing for over 18 years," he says. "Not only that but I was one of the pioneers who brought hard-core submission fighting to Ireland. So believe me, I've seen fighting, I've taught fighting and I've done it myself."

Furey's main occupation these days is selling a series of get-rich-quick DVDs and seminars, including how make millions teaching personal training, selling on the internet or self-publishing.

On-line adverts for his get-rich-quick personal training scheme includes an endorsement from McGrath, without explaining that the two are selling the bare knuckle DVDs together.

"Just a few of your suggestions have given us so many info calls in January I couldn't put them all in my notebook," McGrath says in his endorsement. "We've made the most money ever this month. Thank you Matt. Really, your advice has made a huge difference."

McGrath defended Furey's record and said that that he had always found him honest. "I hear things but it's all hearsay and behind his back," he said.

He said that he first met Furey when the marketer visited Limerick on a holiday. "He gave a seminar in my gym on martial arts and fitness and gave the money to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. That's just the kind of guy he is," he said.

In the online introduction to his DVD, McGrath, an accomplished martial arts expert, boasts, "In days gone by REAL men fought bare-handed. And they were unafraid to do so because they knew exactly how to pulverize an opponent (or a street thug) with thunderous sledge-hammer blows without breaking their own hands."

"They knew how to throw all the legal blows ... but make no mistake about it, they also knew all the brutal, vicious, fight-termination shots. Moreover, they knew how to throw the nastiest, dirtiest shots in the ring (as well as outside of it) and how to disguise the techniques so well that they were virtually invisible to judges, referees or onlookers," he says.

Despite the sickening details about splitting faces, stomping on an opponent and beating him when he is down, McGrath boasts that the DVD watcher's first reaction will be to laugh at the ease of the techniques.

i'll bet he did give that money to charity. you can do that when you make millions stealing other peoples material.

What makes me laugh about the "Irish BKB dvd's," is that they're supposed to be by great bkb champions etc.,but every Irish BKB match I've seen(and I've seen quite a few believe me),have all had guys fighting on them that were absolutely crap.There's nothing skillful about they're fighting,it's just like watching two untrained guys fighting in the street who haven't got a clue as to wtf they're doing.Just really awfull fighting.

Like my good Irish friend has said before "There's nothing different or better about the Irish fighters than anyone else." So true!!!

masf3, While there may not be anything better about Irish fighters in the way of techniques, systems and all that good stuff, the Irish blood line IS much different than other ethnic groups as far as fighting is concerned. I am not saying that others don't have their own linage of combat but, anyone with even a basic knowledge of history knows the Irish blood line is deeply rooted in physical combat/violence (and drinking..whoohooo). So I definately think there is something to be learned from the whole bare knuckle Irish fighting concept. And I would say "not so true" about your friends statement that there is "nothing different or better"...any group of people who are "known" for fighting and brawling is different and may even be better is some areas. The real question is are we open enough to explore the difference to find the better? Ok now I am starting to sound like a zen master. Just think about statements made before we latch onto them as truth.

Well,I know that the Irish bloodline is deeply rooted in physical combat and violence.No doubt about that at all.All I am saying is that I've seen loads of Irish bkb fights,and virtually all of them have been a load of crap.

So I don't think there is anything unique about their bkb as opposed to any other.Most of the guys I've seen fighting couldn't fight sleep.Don't matter what their lineage is,if they're crap they're crap.Simple as that.

I posted this before gargaeroller, don't know if you've seen it so I'll post it again.


The author has a book out, Melancholy Accidents, that covers violence in post-famine Ireland, turns out most of it (including faction fights) was just good clean fun! Irish violent crime, in spite of recreation violence, was only 1/2 to 2/3 that of England and Scotland. Catholics are just better behaved I guess.

masf3- Ok...:)

ocianain- I'll check that out. But you are right that often the fights were good clean fun. But a look at Irish life in America shows a slant to the less than friendly fighting, more so than the former.

Good stuff though.

Are you kidding me? This is exactly why I try to stay off these damn forums!

I will will cut and paste straight from my original post.....

Your post: THE SAME can be said of the Italians, the Japanese, The Spainards, the Greeks, the Germans

My original post: "I am not saying that others don't have their own linage"

You post: So what's your point?

My original post: The real question is are we open enough to explore the difference to find the better

Sorry to say it GR,but Victor is right.That's exactly what it sounds like your trying to say.

In the context of what was written there was no need to bring to light the merits of other fighting cultures. The context was specifically referring to the Irish linage alone. If my post was about the merits of the various fighting cultures and the only one I addressed as being worth anything was the Irish culture, then yes it would be "obvious" what my intent was (although Victor somehow already knows my intent). It was not a "look at the mighty fighting Irish" anything and forget about everyone else. In was in reference to an inacurrate statement made by someone about the Irish bkb being no different or no better. There are good and bad with anything and to say that something is neither different or better in some respects closes the door to its validity and the potential benefits.

Here was my intent...the Irish bkb is something worth looking into.

Although maybe I should have started another thread for this topic as the original post was about someone else selling stuff.

I just love the game attitude from these Irish Travellers...

Real BKB: Fights of the Irish Travellers

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This thread has given me a very, VERY good idea...






...I'm going to go watch Snatch.

I hesitate to write this as it will lead to a overly expansive explanation...but here goes. CACC wrestling, pretty much all wrestling from the west of England, is Irish (that is Celtic). West coast English spoke Irish up till relatively recently (early 18th century). See, Fisher's, Albion's Seeds (which traces the 4 great waves British immigration to America), in particular the chapter covering immigration to Pennsylvania, the opening pages has a complaint from a Quaker about the poorly behaved Irish (actually west coast English) and their poor behavior. The Quaker assumed them Irish because they were speaking Irish gallic.

Waits for masf3's objections...

You'll be waiting a long time,as there ain't going to be any.I've made my comments on it.

The fact is,yes Irish BKB maybe worth taking a look at.I'm not disputing that at all.All I'm saying,is that there's nothing special about Irish BKB at all,it's not any better than any other kind of BKB.That is a fact.Another fact is that most Irsh BKB fights that I've seen have been crap.The guys couldn't fight sleep.Why GR finds that hard to accept or believe is beyond me.

masf3, I've always found most street fights don't show well. There was a great Japanese movie (I forget the name) about a deadly encounter between two sword weilding men. As the survivor recounts the story it was a tremendous Errol Flynn/Capt Blood like duel of skill and cunning, eyewitnesses saw it differently (what with all the running, screaming for mercy and all). Fights are like that, when you're involved in one you think you fought like the Spartans at Thermophale, everyone else just pretty much yawns.

Well,I know a good fight when I see one,and all I know is,every Irish BKB fight I've ever seen has been crap.Simple as that.

masf3, I'm not doubting you at all. The purpose of matchmaking in fights is to make an exciting fight. A couple of guys throwing down in a parking lot, or on a country road does not speak to a orginization that's going to put on good fights.