a good judo book?

whats a good one that i can get like at barnes n noble that has an index of throws that i can highlight off as i learn them?

Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano

I got that from Barnes and Noble. It is in the sports section.


Best Judo is also a great pickup. In my opinion, the images are clearer than the Kodokan Judo book. I have both books and prefer Best Judo.

Kodokan judo is the best for the complete syllabus of judo but best judo is a better book for competition judo including great combinations and set ups and good transitions in newaza.

if you are simply looking for a syllabus, skip barnes and go to hatashita.com or toraki.com and get the a to z of judo. toraki may not have it on the site, but i'm pretty sure you can phone order it.

How is The Cannon Of Judo???...Any opinions of the V. Putin book??

Canon Of Judo is great. The Putin book looked like it had some interesting info, especially if you're a fan of Russian judo, but it looked light in the technique department.

If you got some cash to burn, just get the whole set of the Masterclass series from hatashita.com (I believe its cheaper if u buy it all at once), it'll be a reference for your whole time in judo.

i second jacketwrestler's opinion


I think attacking judo (Kashiwazaki) is one of the best available judo books because it focusses on the how and why rather than just lots of artificial pics of techniques (eg A-Z of judo).