a good Royce Gracie quote re: BJJ

from latest GRAPPLING. article by Kid Peligro

"Jiu jitsu is the only art that gives you a realistic chance to beat someone bigger and stronger than you. But many people misinterpret that and change it around and start thinking jiu jitsu always WILL beat someone bigger and stronger. They turn hope into certainty and that is simply not the case"

True dat.

Hate to disagree with Royce but...

I would say jiu-jitsu along with a couple other reality based arts give you a chance of beating larger opponents; jiu-jitsu is not the only one. It's more about skills in what you do, not whether or not you do jiu-jitsu. A great example would be Kaoklai vs. Mighty Mo. If you are a skilled thai boxer, you have a realistic chance of beating someone larger than you. I agree with Royce that jiu-jitsu is one of those arts.

teained vs untrained gives you a good chance of beating a bigger opponent...

To say "ONLY" is a stretch but the quote for the most part is right on the dinero. 

I think the point was that it has become a case of people believing you can always beat a bigger opponent by doing jiu-jitsu but that in fact doing it only increases your chances. I simply took exception to the statement that only BJJ is like that. I believe, as HonkeyStyle said, it is much more a case of trained vs. untrained than BJJ.

Maybe the best at giving the smaller opponent the chance to beat the bigger opponent but absolutely not the ONLY one.

We've all seen smaller opponents in each style, at tournaments, in practice, etc beat bigger opponents. I have...mabye Royce thinks that what I saw didnt happen. "The only art..." Please.